Deep South Wrestling TV Report for January 21, 2007

Deep South Wrestling TV Review
January 21, 2007 on Comcast Sports South
Taped January 4, 2007 at the DSW Arena in McDonough, Ga
By Larry Goodman

The recently departed Bill DeMott and Nigel Sherrod opened this week’s episode with the announcement of tonight’s main event: the Gymini vs. Urban Assault. The highlight clips from last week showed G-Rilla attacking one of the Majors Brothers during their match against UA. The Majors’ equalizer, Freakin’ Deacon, started trading bombs with G-Rilla. As a result, GM Krissy Vaine made a match between Deacon and G-Rilla. We saw a clip of Deacon pinning G-Rilla with the Deacon Bomb and the postmatch beatdown that occurred when UA turned on G-Rilla.

(1) Crazy Dave beat Robert Anthony via submission with a dragon sleeper at 4:51. DeMott said ring announcer Ted Guinness had infuriated David Heath by introducing him as “Crazy Dave.” But Anthony turned Dave’s blind rage to his advantage, ducking Dave’s wild swings and hitting a huracanrana, a back elbow and a dropkick in quick succession. Anthony ducked a lariat and hit a back suplex. Dave hooked the ropes to avoid a dropkick. Anthony did a full rotation to his feet and charged. Dave used Anthony’s momentum for a hotshot. Dave thrashed Anthony with corner clotheslines and crossface forearms. With Anthony’s head draped over the middle rope, Dave went to the apron for a guillotine legdrop across Anthony’s neck. Dave took his sweet time about making the cover, but that didn’t stop him from complaining about the count. DeMott blamed Guinness for Anthony’s plight. Dave slowed things down with a bug-eyed sleeper hold. Anthony mounted a comeback, hitting a not-so-hot split-legged moonsault, but Dave immediately grabbed the ropes. Dave jacked Anthony’s jaw with two big right hands. Anthony ducked a third and leapt to the top rope ala Shelton Benjamin. Dave stepped out of the path of Anthony’s moonsault block. Dave hit the Impaler to end all Impaler’s, literally drilling the top of Anthony’s head into the mat. Anthony was toast. Dave applied a dragon sleeper that had Anthony tapping like mad, but Dave refused to release the hold.

Executive Troubleshooter “Roughhouse” Ryan O’Reilly came to ringside. O’Reilly removed his suit jacket before hitting the ring. Dave slid out the other side. An “O’Reilly” chant erupted.

The recently departed Tracy Taylor welcomed Brooke Adams as her special guest in the TT Bar. Taylor asked Adams what she thought about Tracy’s coconuts and handed her a tropical drink in a coconut cup. Taylor said rumor had it that Adams was done with being a valet. Adams said she was tired of all the selfish men, and it was time to make her career the top priority. Adams said she would be making her wrestling debut later in the show.

Rebecca DiPietro conducted an in-ring interview with Kofi Nahaje Kingston. Kingston started to talk about the unique training methods he used in Jamaica involving banana trees and coconuts. The crowd interrupted with a chant of “Bo! Bo!” Kingston acknowledged the fan support. Kingston said his opponent, Keith Samson Walker, was a like a big tree and he, Kingston, was the axe, and with the support the of Deep South fans, he was going to chop Walker down.

(2) Kofi Nahaje Kingston pinned Keith Samson Walker with the Cool Runnings at 6:39.
Kingston frustrated Walker with his speed and pesky thigh kicks. Kingston struggled to maintain a side headlock until he kicked off the rope to take Walker down. Sherrod and DeMott joked about Tracy’s coconuts. Moments later, Walker picked Kingston out of midair with a brutal Black Hole style backbreaker. Walker proceeded to demolish Kingston’s back with power moves. Kingston sold a high impact Irish whip like he was dying. Walker used a stalling vertical suplex for a near fall. Walker applied a bearhug. Walker hit a beautiful release overhead belly to belly. Walker smoked Kingston with a wicked clothesline. Somewhere, Road Warrior Hawk was smiling. When Walker attempted another vertical suplex, Kingston foiled it with knee to the head as he was hanging upside down. Kingston started firing. A pair of standing dropicks were right on button. Kingston did a flying burrito and hooked the leg for a two count. Kingston with a charging corner something or other. Sherrod said Walker went down like a redwood. Kingston did a shimmying, shaking, leaping legdrop and waited for Walker to rise. Kingston’s finisher is a jumping spinning roundhouse. Walker went down face first.

Krissy Vaine was introduced as the guest commentator replacing DeMott.

“Queen Diva” Angel Williams entered the ring where DiPietro was waiting. Williams said she didn’t care about “that obnoxious little twit” Adams, and there would be no successful debut at her expense.

“I know that’s what Krissy Vaine wants. Bless your heart. But it’s not gonna happen, not on my watch, honey” — Angel Wiliams

(3) Angel Williams beat Brooke Adams in 2:45 with Lights Out. As Adams slinked and slithered her way into the ring, Vaine questioned what line of work she was in prior to bikini modeling. Adams drove Williams to the ropes with a waistlock. So much for her offense. Williams started kicking the crap out of Adams’ hip. Williams grabbed Adams by the hair and bounced her head off the turnbuckle. Williams kicked the stuffing out of Adams in the corner. Williams choked Adams with her boot. With Adams gasping for air, Williams started to cover but would not allow the pin. Williams slammed Adams and sat on her. Adams rolled a shoulder at two. Williams throttled Adams on the mat and smacked her across the face a couple of times. Williams finished with a variation of the downward spiral. Vaine was not a happy camper as she headed up the ramp.

We saw Vaine in the office having a conversation with Luscious. Vaine expressed her disappointment in Luscious for not taking better advantage of the opportunity afforded her. Vaine told Luscious needed to up the performance of her office duties and interviews. Vaine told the “little pumpkin” to run along. DiPietro approached to ask Vaine about the comments Williams made prior to her match. Vaine said Williams was delusional and had placed little ol’ Krissy in the middle of her “verbal venom.” Vaine said that like most people, Williams was just jealous. DiPietro said she wasn’t one of those people.

(4) The number one contenders match between Majors Brothers (Brett & Brian with Freakin Deacon) and the recently departed High Impact (Tony Santarelli & Micah Taylor with Tracy Taylor) went to a 10 minute? time limit draw (9:07). The first six minutes saw the two babyface teams trade armbar variations, with the crowd favoring High Impact. Vaine made it clear she wasn’t happy about the outcome of the previous match. Vaine was pretty entertaining here. She couldn’t understand why “that thang” was at ringside with the Majors. At one point, Vaine beat Sherrod to the punch on the play-by-play and told him she had taken his spot. Brian and Santarelli injured themselves going for simultaneous armdrags. Both men tagging. Brett met Micah with a high crossbody for a near fall. Micah did a Biel throw followed by a dropkick for a near fall. Brett hung on to Micah’s hiptoss and sprung to his feet with a dropkick. Brett bulldogged Micah for another two count. Majors hit a double team and Brian covered for two. High Impact executed a kneelift/spinwheel combo on Brian and Brett broke up the pin. Santarelli blasted Brett with Kawada kicks. “Those are crazy kicks,” said Vaine. As Santarelli set up a piledriver on Brett, Brian saved with a sunset flip for a near fall. Micah hit a leg lariat on Brett for another near fall. Brian spinebustered Santarelli (a beauty). Sherrod said that had to be it, but Santarelli kicked out. Both men made crawled for tags. Micah and Brett went back and forth with pin attempts until the bell rang. Fans were calling for five more minutes.

(5) The recently departed Gymini (Jesse & Jake with Angel Williams & Bill DeMott) beat Urban Assault (Eric Perez & Cocky Siaki with Afa) to retain the DSW Tag Team Titles in 6:17 with an assist from G-Rilla. Sherrod called UA gutless cowards for their attack on G-Rilla and questioned Vaine’s decision to award them a title shot. Siaki pie-faced Jake. Gymini started dishing out the punishment and going for pin attempts. Vaine wondered if the Gymini had the ability to grow hair. Siaki escaped from Jake’s powerslam and nailed him with bigtime forearm smash. UA isolated Jake and worked over his back. Perez hit a sky high spinebuster. Sherrod said he hadn’t seen G-Rilla in the locker room all day long. Williams tried to rev up the crowd, but it wasn’t happening to any great degree. A midair collision between Jake and Siaki left both men on the canvas. Jesse was cleaning house on UA when G-Rilla lumbered down the ramp. G-Rilla flattened Afa with an ICU on the floor. Gymini hit the Crosstrainer on Perez for the three count.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: The focus was on the tag team division with the gimmick that everybody has an equalizer…Out of the 12 performers involved in the main event tag matches, six of them were fired before this show aired, including the current tag team champions Gymini/UA was not one of DSW’s better main events. With two teams that were booked as heels the previous week, it had the least heat of anything on the show until the finish. Match was just kind of there to set up the G-Rilla’ revenge High Impact and Majors got the fans going with all the near falls in the final minutes, but the finish felt like a random draw since the time limit was never mentioned Crazy Dave (being assigned to Deep South is reason enough to drive any veteran over the edge) and Anthony told a good story. I’m going to miss Heath. He had grown on me. What he’s lost in athletic ability, he more than made up for with his talking and facial expressions. Tommy Suede moved from endangered to expendable once they had Anthony (aka Egotistico Fantastico) in camp. He’s got the tall, chiseled physique and explosive quality that Suede lacked. Anthony is still rough around the edges but he sells well Kingston and Walker had a solid TV length match. He’s on the small side, but Kingston has an appealing babyface charisma, something like a Jamaican Elijah Burke. Walker is 280 pound brute from Harley’s Race WLW. He also looked far more polished than the typical newly-signed development talent that has come into Deep South. He did a great job of selling for the smaller guy’s offense. Now, if Walker could only personate a Russian sambo champion I’m baffled as to what purpose it served to put a woman with as little training as Adams has on TV. Williams was great. What a bitch. She gave Adams quite a beating and looked like she was enjoying every second of it This week’s dark matches: Frankie Coverdale (formerly Francisco Ciatso) b Scott Fantastic, Ray Gordy b Johnny Curtis, Heath Miller b Bob “The Rebel” Hopkins, Bradley Jay b Suede.