Pulse Wrestling’s WSX Report

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Pulse Wrestling’s WSX Report
Announcers are Kris Kloss & Bret Ernst
By: PK

The show opens up with Black Label Society.

Matt Sydal (w/ Lizzy Valentine) vs. Jack Evans
Evans tries a quick hurracanranna, but Sydal catches him and tosses him to the floor, then nails a plancha on the outside on Evans! They get back in the ring, and Evans whips Sydal into the corner, and gets a spinning heel kick. Sydal up, locks Evans in the Siamese Twin submission, but Evans gets to the ropes, and gets out of the hold. Evans with a series of kicks on Sydal, and Sydal falls to the floor. Evans follows with a cartwheel corkscrew splash on the outside! Back in the ring, Evans hits a standing corkscrew moonsault for 2. Sydal up, nails a Pump-handle into a Michanoku Driver for 2. Sydal then with a standing frogsault for 2. Evans hits the ropes, and Lizzy grabs his foot. Lizzy is dragged in the ring by Evans, and then uses her to leap on Sydal for a tornado DDT, and Evans follows it up with a 630 swanton splash for the win.
Winner – Jack Evans

They do a quick run down of the tag teams in WSX.


Justin Credible runs a quick promo saying that tonight will be just incredible. New Jack and Chris Hamrick argue. Teddy Hart says that he’s the past, present & future of wrestling. Kaos and Aguilera argue over staying focused (I guess they are a tag team)

WSX Rumble rules. Royal Rumble style. 2 start, another enters every 45 seconds. You are eliminated by going over the top rope. There are tables, an exploding steel cage, and exposed electrical wires on all sides of the ring to be eliminated on. After all 10 are in, then any wrestler still in the match can climb the ladder and get one of the two contracts for the WSX Title match next week.

WSX Rumble
Justin Credible & Teddy Hart start. Teddy tosses a bottle at Credible before he even gets in the ring. Teddy gets a quick dropsault on Credible. Teddy gets on the turnbuckle, and gloats, but turns around into a superkick from Credible. Teddy then nails a springboard moonsault. Kaos is the next entrant, but Teddy and Credible double team him. Kaos hits a double clothesline, but Teddy no-sells it and then nails cradle DDT. Credible then sets Kaos up for a Sidewinder/Death Sentence, but Teddy comes off the top with a moonsault on Kaos! Vampiro is next, and he cleans house, dropping Teddy with choke slam.

Commercials. During the break, Puma comes in, and is quickly eliminated by Vampiro. Alcatraz is in next, and takes out Vamp.

We come back to the match, and 6-Pac is next, and he comes in an hits Vamp & Credible with a couple of X-Factors. Pac then nails a Bronco Buster on Teddy. Chris Hamrick is next, but is followed out by New Jack. New Jack tosses Hamrick to the floor, and he goes through a table. New Jack then goes down to keep chasing Hamrick, but eliminates himself. New Jack rolls the ref that eliminated him in the ring, and smacks him in the head with his toy guitar. Kaos continues to get beaten on, and Alcatraz gets him over the top, on the apron. Alcatraz’s tag partner Luke gets up and side suplexes Kaos through the electrical wires. In the meantime, New Jack has a table set up on the outside, climbs the wall and dives on Hamrick. Vampiro then eliminates Alcatraz by tossing him over the top through a table. Teddy hits a Tornado DDT on Vamp, but then is eliminated by Credible, who back body drops him on to a table. Youth Suicide is last in, and he dumps a bucket of tacks in the corner, then he tries to climb the ladder towards the contract. Vamp grabs Youth, and powerbombs him on the tacks! Pac is up the ladder, and takes one of the contracts. Youth climbs the ladder again, but Credible shoves it down, and Youth falls on the cage, exploding it! Vamp and Credible climb the ladder, and Pac is back in and grabs Credible’s legs, and Vamp gets the 2nd contract.
Winners – 6-Pac & Vampiro

Pac then tosses Vamp to the outside, then hits a somersault plancha on Vamp to end the show!

Show over.


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