ROH Report 1/26/07 in Braintree, MA

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Homicide came out for his new champion speech but was jumped by Hero. Hero and Sweeney were chased off by the returning Rocky Romero.

Match One: Rocky Romero defeats Davey Richards with an Ankle Lock

Supposedly a very stiff match. I can see why they kept it as low on the card as possible. The guys won’t kill any other match on the show that way.

Match Two: Jack Evans defeats Eddie Edwards with the 630

There was no way Jack came back from his Dragon Gate spot to job, especially to a NOAH regular. Jack was his usual fliptacular self according to all reports.

Match Three: Delirious and Pelle defeat Adam Pearce and Shane Hagadorn when Delirious uses the Cobra Stretch

I guess Del is getting to high up the card to have to job to these guys. Glad to see the faces finally get a measure of revenge.

Match Four: Brent Albright, Jimmy Jacobs, and Lacey defeat BJ Whitmer, Colt Cabana and Daizee Haze

Insane brawl as usual. Haze took a Senton through a table by Jimmy and was pinned by Lacey.

Match Five: Samoa Joe defeats Nigel McGuinness with the Kokina Clutch

Very stiff and strike filled match that Nigel may have never tapped to lose.

Rave then runs out to lock Joe in the Heel Hook, but Nigel makes the save. The faces shake hands and match over.

Match Six: Jimmy Rave defeats Chris Daniels, Shingo, and Jason Blade with the Heel Hook

Daniels had Shingo in the Koji when the Heel Hook was applied in what is sure to be a cool visual. The Rave mega push continues.

Match Seven: Homicide defeats Chris Hero with a Cop Killa

Said to be great heat that both men played into big time. I can’t wait for this one on DVD.

Match Eight: The Briscoes Man up and defeat Aries and Strong two straight in a 2/3 falls match

Looks like the Briscoes got their wins back from the Aries and Strong title reign. I’m glad this went on last as the tag division still looks great.

Be sure to check back late tonight for my ROH in Edison, NJ “Battle of the Icons” report. I’ll be there live for this one!

-Credit for 1/26 results go to the ROH board.

Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.