Pulse Wrestling TNA Impact Report – 2/1/2007

We get a highlight package of Samoa Joe, Christian Cage and Kurt Angle and a mystery. Sting talking about Abyss shooting his father and getting his face lit up, Ron Garvin style.

After the show, Abyss and James Mitchell open up the ambulance, but Sting’s not there.

Opening montage with the Impact theme and we join the studio. Later tonight, it’s AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe as well as a challenge from James Mitchell. Mike Tenay and Don West are your commentators.

Jeremy Borash talks with Chris Sabin who appears sick and out of it. Bob Backlund’s sitting in a chair. Kip and BJ James do nothing in the background as we’re all outside of Jim Cornette’s office.

5 Corner X-Division Match
Jay Lethal Vs Alex Shelley Vs Sanjay Dutt Vs The Austin Starr Vs Jerry Lynn

The match is underway as Chris Sabin, apparently mocking Jerry Lynn’s age appears at ringside still with the walker. Shelley and Lethal start us off. Shelley has the advantage and Lethal tags out to Starr. Starr gets a slam and is booed. Lynn’s tagged in and goes after everyone. We get our eventual trainwreck sequence with Lethal ending it. The fans chant “TNA!” as the action stays at a fast paced. Lynn goes for the finish, but Sabin pops up on the apron in Depends…a distraction later and Starr gets the pin, thanks to Sabin’s help.

Winner: The Austin Starr

Postmatch fun as Starr and Sabin wor over Lynn with Shelley filming it with his camera. The former Low Ki, now Senshi shows up to aid Jerry and they run off.

Christian Cage and Tomko talk backstage about Tomko needing to take one for the team.

Now, the latest from Paparazzi Productions as we have Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez do stuff that’s probably illegal in the back of a restaurant.

Mike and Don explain that it’s LAX going after one of the Team 3D member’s relatives and how it crosses the line and so on.

Samoa Joe enters the ring and the fans chant, “Joe!” It’s promo time as Joe talks about not being babysat by Tomko backstage. The NWA World Champion interrupts and furthers the mystery of the consultant situation. Christian mentions everyone getting a third hint and makes the symbol for Shane Douglas’s old group from ECW, the Triple Threat.

Outside of Cornette’s office as we continue speculation on who is the consultant, with options including Samoa Joe, Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. James Storm and Jacquelyne…now Miss Tennessee (and former Miss Texas in Tennessee). Eric Young interrupts as Backlund continues doing whatever off camera and the Voodoo Kin Mafia continue standing around. Christy Hemme walks right on into the office and BG walks in after her.

Abyss and Mitchell are outside and Abyss is still angry.

We get a review of the Robert Roode, Eric Young & Tracy Brooks storyline.

Robert Roode w/ Miss Tracy Brooks Vs Petey Williams w/ Gail Kim

The fans are on Petey’s side. Petey with a Rana and Robert goes outside, so Petey does another on the outside. Tracy’s used to get the advantage in Robert’s favor and the action’s back in the ring. Robert tries a pin and only gets 2. Petey fights back and does a floatover Russian Legsweep. Gail and Tracy fight on the outside and while the referee’s distracted, James Storm runs in, Superkick to Petey and Robert gets the win.

Winner: Robert Roode

The heels go on the attack, but Eric Young saves the day, even getting a dropkick on Jacquelyne. Eric almost hits Tracy, but doesn’t. Robert threatens Tracy and Eric takes up for her. Eric gets the girl and Robert smiles, sensing he’s getting the objective accomplished.

Cornette’s office as VKM and Christy argue. Cornette gives Christy a match at the upcoming PPV and leaves. VKM and Christy go back to screaming at each other as Jeremy Borash takes up space.

Ron Killings talks about people not being able to handle the truth. As he gets warmed up, the brief rant ends.

Mike and Don pimp the TNA Bound For Glory PPV being available DVD. TNA Lockdown PPV will be in St. Louis in April.

James Mitchell makes his way to the ring without Abyss. Mitchell talks about Sting, recapping the storyline for those just tuning in. Mitchell questions Sting’s morals and dignity. An ojbect lowers down from the ceiling as Mitchell talks. Mitchell reveals a small cage and challenges Sting to a Prison Yard Match. It’s either the match or jailtime for the whole kidnapping thing. Sting appears in the rafters, wearing an Abyss mask.

We get a brief Christopher Daniels promo about not wanting stagnation in his career.

Lance Hoyt respects baseball players, but not when they attack him.

Johnny Damon’s in the crowd and some of the fans boo.

Jeremy interviews Brother D-Von. Brother Ray’s with his family after what LAX’s actions. There shall be Hell to pay, according to D-Von.

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe

AJ’s booed, Joe’s cheered as they enter the ring. “Joe Is Gonna Kill You” chants from the fans as we begin. AJ gets the advantage with a dropkick, but only gets 1. “AJ Sucks” chant. AJ with a snapmare and a chinlokc as the crowd encourages Joe to fight back. He does, slamming him down. Simmons Powerslam gets 2. AJ’s thrown out of the ring and AJ favors his knee. Whether or not he’s faking it is rendered moot as Rhino attacks. They wind up all in the ring and the match is thrown out.

Winner: No Contest

Rhino chases AJ out and Joe gets on the mic, showing that his mind is on the Christian Cage situation.

Kurt Angle walks by Leticia in the back, denying an interview and we go to break.

Back from break and Joe sits in his seat in the ring while Kurt is now in the ring. Kurt calls Joe a liar and the two begin fighting. Christian runs in, uses a chair and nails Kurt with it. Joe flips Christian off and hits the Kokina Clutch. AJ runs back in and helps Christian out. Kurt is still down. Chairshot and now Joe is down. Kurt is set up by Christian for his finisher. AJ with a chairshot to the back and then Christian finishes Kurt off with the Tomakazee to the end the program.