KGC – Dirty Bomb Review

For fans of older techno/dance/industrial music, KGC sounds as if it would be a dream come true. The technical brains behind KMFDM, Sascha Konietzko, teams up with one half of Curve, Dean Garcia, and Lucia Cifarelli, frontwoman of Drill and immensely talented vocalist, to create KGC. I mean, how can you not love that if you know what it means? The possibilities are endless: best case scenario, these three musicians could team up and create some incredibly innovative and interesting music; worst case scenario, the effort would sound like KMFDM mixed with Curve, and how could THAT be bad?

In reality, KGC sounds like KMFDM.

Now, even this wouldn’t be so bad, but in specific, the majority sounds like the tracks one skips to get to the other, more interesting tracks. They aren’t bad so much as they are uninteresting. Few tracks stand out in any notable way, and even those that really do anything interesting, like “Best of Everything” and “Misery”, are generally only interesting because of Lucia’s vocal work. Sascha and Dean are incredibly talented musicians, and no one can take that away from them, but here their work comes off lifeless and flat.

Indeed, the entire effort comes off flat and uninspired. There are no truly standout tracks in the entire effort. The music is competent, structured, and generally sounds okay, but it’s very dull and lifeless. Compare any song on Dirty Bomb to any song made by these three musicians in the past decade and it becomes apparent that, honestly, it doesn’t seem like much effort was put forth here. It’s just… there. It exists, but does nothing else.

Ultimately, Dirty Bomb is less of a bad effort and more of a disappointment. All three of the musicians involved, in their respective groups, have produced far superior work than what’s on display here, and that’s a shame. The songs are okay, and none of them are bad or hurtful, but none of them are terribly interesting, either. Dirty Bomb might be worth it if you’re a hardcore fan, but otherwise, it’s not really worth the investment.

Website: KGC on Myspace