Deep South Wrestling TV Report January 28, 2007

Deep South Wrestling TV Report
Airing January 28, 2007 on Comcast Sports South
Taped on January 11, 2007 at the Deep South Arena in McDonough, Ga

Nigel Sherrod did a solo recap segment showing highlight clips from last week’s episode. Crazy Dave gave Robert Anthony the Impaler from hell and refused to let up until Executive Troubleshooter, “Rough House” Ryan O’Reilly hit the ring Angel Williams crushed the debuting Brooke Adams with Lights Out Gymini vs. Urban Assault lead to an uninvited appearance by G-Rilla. He put Afa out of commission with the ICU. Gymini pinned Eric Perez with the Crosstrainer.

Cut to Rebecca DiPietro introducing David Heath as “Crazy Dave.” Heath was not amused. Heath said he was feeling a wee bit unappreciated for his efforts to teach the snot nosed punks at Deep South how to wrestle. Heath was pissed at O’Reilly for sticking his nose into the last week’s wrestling lesson. Heath said O’Reilly was going into the dumpster along with the name “Crazy Dave.” Heath went back to terrorizing DiPietro.

O’Reilly was backstage with Adams. O’Reilly was disgusted with the Heath for taking liberties with poor Anthony. But it didn’t matter what Anthony thought, or what DSW GM Krissy Vaine thought. What mattered was what O’Reilly thought and he wasn’t going to let Dave’s actions stand.

If crazy is what you want, Crazy Dave. Then crazy is what I’ll give you. Play time is over my friend.

(1) “Crazy Dave” Heath rolled up Roughhouse Ryan O’Reilly with a fistful of tights at 3:45. Theodore Long joined Sherrod on color commentary. Long talked about Dave’s credentials. Dave opened up with maniacal brawling. Dave paused to address the crowd. “Who’s crazy now?” O’Reilly speared Dave and pounded him from the mount. O’Reilly used a Thesz press and kept pounding. Dave thumbed O’Reilly in the eye, but O’Reilly reversed Dave’s Irish whip and caught him with a backdrop. O’Reilly was primed for the Rough Shot, but Dave countered by running his throat into the top rope. Dave went to the gutter offense, biting, kicking and smothering O’Reilly. The kids chanted for O’Reilly. He made the comeback. O’Reilly hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, but Dave kicked out at one. O’Reilly gave Dave a taste of his own medicine with crossface forearms. O’Reilly went for a kick to the face. Dave ducked and used O’Reilly’s momentum along with his tights to get the 1-2-3. Dave pointed at his brain. Long talked like the rematch was a lock.

The DSW Heavyweight Champion, Bradley Jay was Tracy Taylor’s first guest for a special live edition of the TT Bar. Tracy said he Jay’s title belt was almost as shiny as her coconuts. I kid you not. Tracy asked Jay what is was like to be a marked man. Jay said he lived a life that the people could only dream about. Jay claimed to be a fighting champion (his recent string of non-title matches notwithstanding). The Major Brothers were Tracy’s next guests. The Majors reacted to Tracy’s bikini clad bod. Tracy asked if their team had a captain. Brian said they didn’t have one because they were brothers. Tracy asked about their match against the Gymini. Brett said they “the saviors of tag team wrestling” had a chance to make history by becoming the first two time champions in Deep South.

Kofi Kingston and Suede entered the ring. DiPietro asked Kingston for his comments. Kingston spoke of Urban Assault as formidable opponents.

But somebody today was playin’ the role of the mad scientist. Because them take a cup of athleticism. Them take a cup of charisma, a pinch of Jamaicanism, and a pinch of martial arts mysticism, and out came the team of Suede and Kofi Nahaje Kingston.

Kingston echoed the fans chants of “Bo! Bo! Bo!”

Urban Assault was backstage with Luscious. Siaki ripped the mic out her hand and sent her packing. Siaki said UA had unfinished business with the Majors. He called Kingston and Suede inferiors. Perez addressed G-Rilla en español and did his catch phrase. “In other words, it’s a wrap. You guys are done, son.”

(2) Kofi Nahaje Kingston & Suede beat Urban Assault (Eric Perez & Sonny Siaki) in 2:45 with stereo roll ups. In the opening minute, Kingston and Suede hit a double Japanese armdrag on Siaki for a one count. Kingston knocked Perez off the apron with a flying forearm. But Perez then tripped up Kingston, and Siaki dropped an elbow to his back. UA went to work on Kingston’s back. G-Rilla came out to observe. Afa came out and blasted G-Rilla in the back with a chairshot. G-Rilla went to his knees. Afa gave him another chairshot. UA attacked 3 on 1. Freakin Deacon showed up. UA ran away and got pinned. Long gazed into his crystal ball and saw Deacon and G-Rilla vs. UA was in our future.

As the camera followed DiPietro into the DSW office, Vaine was just finishing up with Luscious, Taylor and Adams. Vaine told the Divas to carry out her instructions. DiPietro asked Vaine if she had personal issues with Angel Williams, because it appeared she was conspiring to cause Williams to lose all her matches. Vaine got huffy. She said the charge was ludicrous and didn’t deserve an answer. Vaine said Williams was the cause of her own problems. Interview over.

Williams did a backstage promo all by her lonesome. She said all the girls in DSW wanted to be the Queen Diva but there was only one. She also implied that Vaine traded sexual favors for the GM job.

(3) Shantelle defeated Angel Williams with a reverse roll up at 6:07. They locked up. Angel got rude on the break. Then she sprinted across the ring to escape Shantelle’s wrath. Angel grabbed a side headlock. Shantelle used her chain wrestling skills to reverse it. Shantelle frustrated Angel with three consecutive shoulder tackle knockdowns and a headlock takeover. Angel countered with a headscissors. When Shantelle tried for the escape, Williams hammered away at her back. The Divas surrounded the ring in support of Shantelle. As Angel continued to assault Shantelle’s back, Sherrod wondered if the Divas were out there on Vaine’s orders. Shantelle was kicking out at one. Angel’s wicked mind spawned a spot where she draped Shantelle’s throat over the bottom rope, grabbed the top rope, and stood with one foot on Shantelle’s back and the other on her head. That was good for a two count. Angel ate an elbow charging in. Shantelle blasted Angel with forearms shots. Leapfrog by Angel and both down on a double clothesline. They swapped slaps and forearms. Shantelle took over with a pair of lariats, but Angel escaped from a tilt-a-whirl and gave Shantelle a boot to the side of the head. Angel had Shantelle set up for Lights Out. She decided to bitch at the Divas instead. Shantelle came from behind with the O’Connor roll. After the bell, Angel blindsided Shantelle, and the Divas came to the rescue.

We saw Williams steaming towards Vaine’s office.

DiPietro was backstage with Gymini and DeMott. DiPietro wanted to know about DeMott’s role. She didn’t get an answer. Jesse said things couldn’t be better for Gymini (things change), and there was no way that Majors Brothers were going home as two-time champions tonight. Jake said they were WMD and the judge, jury and executioners of their opponents.

(4) Gymini (Jesse & Jake with Bill DeMott) beat Majors Brothers (Brett & Brian with Freakin’ Deacon) via DQ in 8:42. Sherrod said the Gymini weighed well over 300 pounds apiece. That was right on the heels of their combined weight being announced as 590, so I guess he’s not a math major. Long said this was a PPV “money, money, money” caliber match. They compared this matchup to Rock ‘n Roll Express vs. Anderson Brothers. Long mentioned that the Express were six-time NWA World Champions (actually eight-time). Meanwhile, the Majors’ inserted some nice double teams as they worked on Jesse’s arm – especially the forearm smash-assisted sunset flip. The match took a 180 degree turn when Jesse hooked the ropes to block Brett’s reverse roll up, and Jake clobbered him. Gymini switched without tagging. Sherrod said ref Scrappy McGowan couldn’t tell the identical twins apart (Note to Scrappy: Jake is the one with the facial hair). Gymini doubled up on Brett at every opportunity and gave him a beating. Jesse grounded him with a bodyscissors. Gymini brutalized Brett with crossface forearms. Brett sold them like he was in la la land. Sherrod surmised Gymini were making a lot of cash as the tag team champions, because they had to be paying DeMott a tidy sum. Long said DeMott had a family to feed. Brett caught Jake with a dropkick to the knee and made the hot tag. Brian was on fire. He dropkicked both Gymini brothers and hit a swinging neckbreaker on Jake, but Jesse made the save. It brokedown to a four-way brawl. Jake suplexed Brian, who ended up on the floor near Deacon. Jake went out and slugged Deacon. Deacon hit the ring on Jake for the DQ. DeMott and Deacon got into a long staredown. Fans booed when it became clear that it wasn’t going to get physical. Gymini joined DeMott in the ring and Deacon backed off.

Cut to footage of what happened in Vaine’s office after Angel’s match. Williams jumped on Vaine while she was sitting in her desk chair. O’Reilly tossed Williams out of the office. Vaine had a colossal, hysterical meltdown. Cut to Williams pounding on the door. Cut to Vaine, who was on the floor cowering behind the chair and screaming at O’Reilly.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: Relatively more focus on storyline advancement than the wrestling this week. There was the Angel/Krissy saga, the formation of the new monster babyface team to take on UA, and the ill-fated build towards something between Deacon and DeMott. And how about the creative finishes? Three variations of a roll up and a DQ. Heath got great heat as per usual. Seems to me he would have been someone to keep around for the young guys to learn from. I’ve given up trying to understand WWE’s thought process, if there is one, on such things Kingston is getting over bigtime. His pop was on par with the Majors. With High Impact gone, Kingston is the most original promo guy they have on the babyface side The live TT Bar segment was an improvement if for no other reason than the crowd response, especially to Jay. The dialogue was still awful and Taylor couldn’t rise above it. I’m not sure anyone could The UA match was just there to set up the angle Williams backstage promo was amazingly bland. She’s way better when she has the live crowd and/or someone else to play off of. Williams matches up well with Shantelle and they had a good bout, better than the women’s stuff on RAW Gymini vs. Majors was a typical Gymini match. Majors are more effective with Brett selling and Brian taking the hot tag. The unintentional hilarity of Sherrod and Long’s commentary was the most interesting thing about the match until it came time for the finish Jody Hamilton responded to DeMott’s release with an awesome post on his blog. Hamilton’s original post and a later, sanitized version are both available at this link.