Full House: The Complete Fifth Season – DVD Review


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Jeff Franklin


Bob Saget Danny Tanner
Dave Coulier Uncle Joey
John Stamos Uncle Jesse
Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen Michelle Tanner
Candace Cameron D.J. Tanner
Jodie Sweetin Stephanie Tanner
Lori Loughlin Aunt Becky

DVD Release Date: December 12, 2006
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 609 Minutes on 4 discs

The Show

Full House was in full swing by its fifth season and the popularity of the show was growing more and more with each episode. The kids were growing up, the adults were settling into their permanent places in life, and new additions were coming into the Tanner family. And of course, Michelle was quite possibly one of the most popular characters on all of television. This was a show that was not going to go away any time soon and there was no reason for it to do so. It continued to stay very funny and was enjoyable watching this family progress through their lives.

D.J. was in the throngs of high school and dealing with all the pressures of the everyday life of being a teenager. Stephanie was now the oldest Tanner kid in her school so she knew that gave her a bit more of a personality then when D.J. was hanging over her head. Michelle was about to hit the age of five and surely the staple character on the show now as whenever the show was mentioned, her name came out first.

The lives of the older Tanner family members were changing as well. Joey had his life finally falling into place as he would go on to become Ranger Joe on a popular television kid’s show which gave him some stability for once. Danny got back into the dating scene on a serious basis now after not doing much since his wife died before the show ever began. And two new additions in Jesse and Becky’s twins, Nicky and Alex made their way onto the scene and made a crowded house seem even smaller.

There was always so much going on in the Tanner home, but it was so easy to follow. Everything in each episode seemed intertwined and always came together at the end in such a great way that made everyone happy by the time it was over. Each 30-minute episode told such the stories in such great ways that you really began to feel for the characters even more and wonder if it would turn out OK. See that was something Full House had on its side by making its characters so lovable. Everyone cared what went on in their lives, and only wanted the best things for them.


Disc One:

Double Trouble: Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse find out some news that is more then they expected. Make that one more baby then expected.

Matchmaker Michelle: Michelle goes out of her way to try and set up Danny and her kindergarten teacher so she can get a new mommy. Kimmy also takes up residence for two weeks with the Tanners during a house swap project for school.

Take My Sister, Please: This is one of my favorite episodes in this whole season. D.J. has gotten to that age where she’d like to have her own room and Michelle has always had her own room, so she’s used to it staying that way. Making Stephanie the odd sister out, she decides to claim another room as her own the bathroom.

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?: D.J. gets a bad rep at school as being a lousy kisser. It’s simply a made-up rumor though by a boy she refused to plant one on.

The King And I: The Tanner family’s annual picnic is one person short when Uncle Jesse can’t make it along because he’s so wrapped up in writing a new song that he’s forgotten about his family. A special rock legend shows up to teach Jesse about all that he’s missing.

The Legend Of Ranger Joe: A lot happens in this episode as Joey has a great streak of good fortune with concert tickets, a hot date, free cable, and even an interview to replace the legendary Ranger Roy on TV. Michelle learns to annoyingly tap dance and Uncle Jesse gets a secret about his past revealed.

The Volunteer: D.J. has taken a job volunteering at a local nursery home and ends up becoming good friends with a nice old man. When she decides to bring him home for a day out, he gets very confused and D.J. does all she can to find out why.

Disc Two:

Gotta Dance: Stephanie wants to really be a high jumper so she talks Danny into letting her take very intense and time consuming dance lessons. After she starts though, she realizes she has no time anymore for the things in her life that really matter, her friends and family.

Happy Birthday, Babies Part 1: It’s Michelle’s fifth birthday party and with the help of a new photo album, the entire family reminisces about the past. Strictly a flashback episode.

Happy Birthday, Babies Part 2: Michelle’s “Flintstones” themed birthday party is cut short when Aunt Becky goes into labor. Rushed to the hospital with Nicky and Alex on the way, Uncle Jesse also ends up in a hospital bed with appendicitis.

Nicky And/Or Alexander: The twins finally come home from the hospital and are home with the rest of the family. Daddy Jesse makes a boo-boo though when he has a sock mishap and can’t remember which one is which.

Bachelor Of The Month: Danny wins “Bachelor Of The Month” and ends up getting dates left and right. But he lets all the good times go to his head as he becomes a huge egotistical jerk. And as confident as they were in the beginning, Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse are learning that raising twins isn’t as easy as it looks.

Easy Rider: Michelle wants to learn how to ride a two-wheel bike, but Danny has all his time sewn up by temporary “Wale Up California” co-star Vikki. Turning to second best, Joey teaches Michelle how to ride. But after falling into a bush, she loses all trust in Joey and it’s up to him to win it back.

Sisters In Crime: D.J. is stuck with babysitting duty for both Stephanie and Michelle, but she really wants to go on a movie date with the hot boy who finally asked her out. Against better judgment, she takes the girls along with her but they get busted for being in a movie they are under age for.

Disc Three:

Play It Again, Jesse: Becky returning to work on “Wake Up, San Francisco” seems to cause problems all around. Danny doesn’t want Vikki to leave just yet, and Jesse has to take over playing stay-at-home dad.

Crushed: Stephanie has a famous rock star, Tommy Page, show up at her party and she immediately falls head over heels for him. The thing is, he has his eyes set on D.J. causing jealousy to show its ugly head.

Spellbound: Stephanie is rolling along in the school spelling bee and becoming very competitive in the process. She ends up coming in second place though, but believes she is good enough to be champ and challenges the winner to a spell-off.

Too Much Monkey Business: Danny’s sister Wendy comes for a visit and it’s love at first sight to Joey, but Danny isn’t too sure how he feels about their relationship. Meanwhile, Wendy’s pet monkey Ginger has the hots for Uncle Jesse.

The Devil Made Me Do It: Michelle thinks she can get away with anything and breaks the rules no matter what the consequences can be. Love seeing the pool in the kitchen and Danny stepping foot first into it. Kimmy and Stephanie also end up getting into a heated argument with D.J. stuck right in the middle.

Driving Miss D.J.: Danny isn’t ready for D.J. to grow up and go out on her own just yet as he overreacts to her getting a driver’s permit. He has the entire concept backwards by him driving while she sits in the backseat to learn.

Disc Four:

Yours, Mine and Ours: Danny wants the Tanner family to come together for a fun night out since they haven’t been able to spend as much time together lately. It’s bad news for D.J. though as a night out with pirates and family seen by her friends could “ruin” her life.

The Trouble With Danny: Another one of my favorites from this season sees Danny go in a completely new direction. Its spring cleaning time in the Tanner house and Danny has it totally outlined. But when he overhears the rest of the family have a meeting about how anal he is, Danny takes it upon himself to change his ways and become a slob.

Five’s A Crowd: D.J. lands a drive-in movie date with Pete and looks forward to a great night out. It turns out to be a group date as Danny, Joey, and Jesse all end up tagging along.

Girls Will Be Boys: One of the kids at school gets it into Michelle’s head that everyone thinks girls have cooties. That causes a complete 180 in her as she turns into a small Uncle Jesse complete with the tough swagger and black clothes.

Captain Video Part 1: Jesse is stuck in a rut while trying to make his music career successful yet again. He just can’t seem to come up with the perfect video for a song, but a surprise visit from the Beach Boys gets his mind back on the right track.

Captain Video Part 2: One of the greatest named recording studios in history, Fat Fish Studios gives Jesse a great deal to record his love ballad “Forever.” Jesse turns them down though thinking he can become more famous by making his song a fast paced rock song. It takes a certain someone to bring him back to reality and make him realize what makes Jesse who he is.

The Video

The show is presented in 1.33:1 Full Screen Format preserving its original aspect from when it was on TV. It looks pretty much exactly as it did way back in the day, but still comes across just fine. This was always been a very bright show and it continues to come through that way in the DVD transfer.

The Audio

The show is heard in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo sound and also sounds fine. Like the video aspect of it, it sounds virtually like it did in its first airing and in any reruns you may be able to catch. Of course the laugh track is there and I have just never been a fan of live audiences, but you take the bad with the good.

Special Features


The Inside Pulse

This set portrays an excellent season in the life of the Tanner family. With the addition of the twins, a lot of new storylines are opened up and done very well. This is the season when you really start seeing where everyone is headed in their life and you can tell the kids are truly starting to grow up. The lack of extras doesn’t really hurt the set itself, but they could have at least given us something. Still, I highly recommend picking this up to add to your collection. Go get it dude!

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