Serial Watcher – Prison Break – Episode 2-16


Following a couple of off weeks, since coming back from the winter vacation, Prison Break delivered the goods this week.

The best thing about this week’s episode is that they went back to thinning the cast, something they’ve been doing earlier this season. As much as I loved Haywire, he had to go. The one thing that hampered the show this year was the lack of focus. During the first season, they were all locked up together in Fox River, so it was easy to integrate all the characters and mesh them together. Once they broke out and each went his own way, the need to keep up with multiple characters took away from the main plotline – the brothers’ quest to uncover the conspiracy. Therefore, I was glad to see Haywire take that fatal plunge. Mahone was also perfect up on the tower, playing into Haywire’s mind and getting him to kill himself, without actually pulling the trigger. We also learned something new about him – he has a fear of heights, and I’m sure it will come back into play in the future.

T-Bag continues to be the only character worth watching who isn’t affiliated with the brothers or “The Company”. He’s the perfect devil in disguise and while you want to see him get his dues, you also want him to stay free because he’s so fun to watch. He’s resourceful and charming while being creepy and deranged. I’d love to see how long he they can stretch his kidnapping of the Hollander family, but I’m afraid it might end with him on the wrong side of a bullet. C-Note, on the other hand, is boring and I’d love for him to get caught next week, or killed by Mahone.

It was great to see Sara trying to kill Kellerman. It was even better to see her fail. On one hand, it was the best and most logical thing she could have done under the circumstances and it put the final nail on her personality change this season. On the other hand, Kellerman is vital to the story and just like T-Bag, he’s a lovable bad guy. We also got, for the first time, the official declaration of love between Sara and Michael, and while we all knew how they felt about each other, we needed the specific words and the kiss. Sure, it wasn’t on the level of the kiss between Josh and Donna on The West Wing or Jim and Pam on The Office, but it was very satisfying.

Besides the romance, we also had a couple of good swerves on the journey to Chicago. The way the foursome faked their escape from the train was reminiscent of the “double location” trick used before, but still surprising. Finding out that Kellerman wasn’t talking to the president but rather to one of Kim’s henchwomen was more surprising and made for an excellent swerve. If Kellerman wasn’t 100 percent against “The Company” before, he sure is now. Of course Michael, Linc and Sara will never trust him completely, but he’s with them all the way now.

While this week’s episode didn’t provide us with a breathtaking cliffhanger, it did end with on a good note. The show is back on track and has found its focus. Now let’s find out what’s inside the cigar club.

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