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Thanks to Salem Hamaoui at Full Impact Pro for the following news…

New Championship Coming To FIP On March 10th

Full Impact Pro is very proud to present the “First Annual Eddie Graham Memorial Battle Of The Belts” on March 10th in Crystal River, FL (check for building & ticket info). Mike Graham will be the guest of honor and supervise the tournament. Graham has deemed FIP worthy of using the “Battle Of The Belts” show name to keep the tradition going that was started by his legendary father. The “Battle Of The Belts” dates back to the old Florida territory and was the biggest show of the year. Now FIP will continue that tradition.

March 10th will feature a one night, eight man tournament to crown the new Florida Heritage Champion. This new belt will be defended on future FIP events. To keep with the “Battle Of The Belts” theme all the current champions will be in the tournament. Only the new Florida Heritage Title will be on the line. This is shaping up to be an excellent tournament with only the best talent to uphold the tradition set by Eddie Graham. Currently signed for the March 10th tournament are:
-FIP Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong
-FIP Tag Team Champion Mark Briscoe
-FIP Tag Team Champion Jay Briscoe
-Erick Stevens
-Larry Sweeney
-8th participant will be announced in the next Headlines.

“This is going to be a very important night for me,” Strong said. “There is a lot of tradition in Florida wrestling. Danny Hodge, the Funks, Mike Graham and so many others all paved the way for wrestlers like me. I’m proud to be a pro wrestler and represent FIP as the heavyweight champion. I will be even more proud if I can call myself the Florida Heritage Champion and represent the history of this great state.”

Jake Roberts Refuses To Wrestle

If you’ve been reading the Headlines you know that we were hyping a match between former star Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Larry Sweeney. Unfortunately, Mr. Roberts was acting irrationally at last Friday’s event and was escorted out of the building by the local deputy sheriff. Mr. Roberts tried to hold FIP up for more money in order to perform. Mr. Roberts claimed that he did not know that the event was being taped for DVD release. However, Mr. Roberts was aware of the cameras and FIP DVDs when he shot the angle with Larry Sweeney at his debut event in January. Mr. Roberts also had an open bottle of vodka in the community center.

At FIP we pride ourselves on giving you more than your money’s worth. “Syxx-Pac” Sean Waltman was secured at the last minute to fill in for Mr. Roberts last Saturday. We would like to thank Syxx-Pac for making sure the fans of Crystal River got their money’s worth. Jake Roberts will not be welcomed back at future FIP events.

FIP DVD News Including New Releases

The “Fallout 2006” DVD with the must see Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards match plus Matt Sydal vs. Shingo, Briscoes vs. Erick Stevens & Sal Rinauro and much more is now out at The Strong vs. Richards bout is a can’t miss contest.

Keep checking soon for more new releases like “Southern Justice” (Bryan Danielson vs. Davey Richards, Matt Sydal vs. Roderick Strong), “All Or Nothing” (Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong, Davey Richards vs. Shingo) and “Evening The Odds” (Roderick Strong, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Erick Stevens & Pelle Primeau vs. Bryan Danielson, Shingo, Davey Richards, Steve Madison & Shane Hagadorn in an elimination match). Also make sure to look for FIP releases in major retail chains like Best Buy.

Briscoes vs. Necro Butcher & Mad Man Pondo War Is On

Last weekend saw two of the craziest teams in wrestling collide for the FIP Tag Team Titles. The result was two of the wildest, hardest-hitting brawls that FIP has ever seen. FIP Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe battled Necro Butcher & Mad Man Pondo on both nights in matches that had the entire crowd on its feet.

Friday in Melbourne, FL saw Necro Butcher defeat Mark Briscoe in a violent bout after Pondo hit Mark with a steel stop sign. Jay Briscoe and Pondo then fought to a no contest when all hell broke lose as Necro and Mark got involved. Saturday in Crystal River, FL saw The Briscoes put the belts on the line against Pondo & Necro. The result was another no contest when referees were attacked and tables were used. These matches lived up to the violent expectations.

“That’s how we like it,” Jay said. “That was a fight out there and we love to fight. Nothing was settled. We want Necro and Pondo again. We challenge them to come to the April 20th and 21st events.”

“Necro and Pondo you guys better man up,” Mark said. “If you thought me doing a shooting star press off the top of the building was something, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Staple guns, tables, chairs, we don’t give a damn bring it all. This is just getting started. Man up boys!”

FIP Wrestling Academy Coming Soon

Full Impact Pro is about to open a wrestling school. You will receive the finest training at the FIP Wrestling Academy with head trainer Roderick Strong. Check soon for more info.

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