TNA on Monday, Goldberg Talks & Booking Committee Clarification


TNA iMPACT! tonight features NWA World Champion Christian Cage teaming with AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe in the main event, plus Rhyno, Lynn and Senshi vs. Storm, Sabin and Starr, as well as updates on the Team 3D/LAX feud and the Sting/Abyss storyline. Then on Sunday is Against All Odds on PPV, followed by a two-hour “This is TNA” special at 9pm on Monday. Matches TNA is considering showing on Monday’s special include Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, LAX vs. AJ & Daniels.

In other news, here’s a clarification of who’s on TNA’s booking committee: Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo and Dutch Mantel make up the committee, working several days a week writing the shows. Mike Tenay works with them a day a week max in the office, and also is a consultant. Jim Cornette has been asked to join, but hasn’t agreed to terms.

The Miami Herald interviewes EliteXC commentator Bill Goldberg about the MMA organization’s premiere event taking place this Saturday on Showtime and on The Fight Network in Canada, as well as his future in pro wrestling and fighting. When asked about TNA mentioning his name in the “who is consulting Christian for his match with Kurt Angle” storyline, he said: “If it wasn’t for a phone call from Lesnar, I wouldn’t have known about that… Brock said, `You know that they are using our name again.’ I told him it pisses you off to a point because you see people capitalizing on your name, and it benefits you in absolutely no way, except for the fact that it keeps the name out there. If it were not for wrestling, I wouldn’t be doing this Showtime gig and the Spike TV gig, because as many bad things that were associated with it, that profession kind of put me on the map. I owe a lot to it, and I owe the fans even more, but it pisses me off as a promotion that somebody would do that. That is no big deal. It just gives me more of a reason to beat the hell out of them even more.” On his future, Goldberg said he’s likely too old (40) to train enough to prepare for a shoot fight, and is likely done with wrestling, but… wait for it… “never say never.”

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information),, Miami Herald

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