Vince Serious About ECW (Plus Test and Holly Updates)


The reason Test lost clean to Lashley on the TV show before the Rumble was because Vince wants ECW to be used to make Lashley into a dominant star champion, and felt that Test and RVD got too much offense in the prior week in the triple-threat match vs. Lashley. When the finish was brought up for the TV, even though many felt the blowoff match should have been the PPV match, the yes men in the room didn’t speak up.

In other ECW news, Bob Holly will get elbow surgery once the current angle with Lashley is finished.

As for the latest on the “state” of WWE’s “third brand,” WSX has reportedly lit a fire under Vince McMahon to get him serious about ECW again, since unlike TNA, WSX is going head-to-head with WWE. Another hot backstage topic has of course been the recent Liddell/Ortiz UFC PPV buyrate (higher than anything WWE has ever done in North America), which has of course led to WWE again talking about doing an MMA group.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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