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Editors Note: for the unintiated, The Late Night News Dribble takes all of the news that other sites would just give you in drips throughout the day and instead consolidates them into one easy to read, snarky news post.

We wish them well in their future endeavors
My dribblers have informed me that the Rock and Mick Foley’s bios have been taken down from’s superstars page. I doubt this means anything, but you know the drill. Sound the alarms and all that jazz. (Oh, and Vito has been removed from the Smackdown roster, but that might just be for a gimmick change, as he’s recently become Deep South Champion. Daivari’s name has been added to the SD page as well.)

Attention Yakima, WA! Your Valentine’s Day just got better.
Dribblers in Yakima! Forget your Valentine’s Day plans. The WWE has moved their Smackdown/ECW show from Monday the 12th to Wednesday the 14th. My first wrestling event was on Valentine’s Day, through I doubt the main event will be as good as Fair vs. Piper.

Krazy Kurt says it, we report it
Someone at WOCM in Maryland thought it was a good idea to have Kurt Angle live on the air. Here are the highlights.

  • He’s been off painkilers for two years (wasn’t that number three not too long ago?)
  • He made more money than anyone else on the WWE roster for six years
  • He thinks TNA is less of a circus act and more of a wrestling show
  • He says he’s fighting in Showtime’s new EXC company. Take that for what it’s worth.

Kane and Ashley shoot Smalville
Okay okay, maybe they’re just up in Canada taping episode of Smallville. I like my headline better.

The Marine is #1. No really. Stop laughing.
According to Box Office Mojo, The Marine made a third of it’s box office draw in it’s first week of DVD sales. With the DVD and TV, this movie might prove to be a financial success.

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