Hogan Off Wrestlemania?


Hulk Hogan was on the Bubba the Love Sponge satellite radio show today, claiming that he is not involved in Wrestlemania 23 plans, and at one point saying “I apparently do not work there anymore” in response to Bubba saying Vince doesn’t let WWE wrestlers go on his show.

While Hogan (and lately Kurt Angle) have been known to talk a lot of smack on Bubba’s show, both PWTorch.com and Pro Wrestling Insider are claiming that Hogan’s claims are in fact the truth. While there were plans to have Hogan wrestle Big Show, Khali or even Shane McMahon (with Khali and Vince in Shane’s corner and Donald Trump in Hulk’s), there are now no plans to have Hogan at the 20th anniversary of his huge Wrestlemania 3 match vs. Andre the Giant.

This is all a direct result of an incident on Bubba’s show where Hogan took a call from WWE secretary Ann Russo, and put her live on the air while she listed WWE Hall of Fame candidates. Vince and others within WWE were angry at Hogan for letting this info leak, and the shit likely hit the fan within the past two or three days. Things are now left up in the air re: the Trump vs. Vince angle and Khali’s role at Mania.

According to reports of his appearance from WrestlingObserver.com and Pro Wrestling Insider, Hogan also put over both UFC and TNA, saying his lawyers might have spoken with TNA President Dixie Carter, and said he said he’s having a knee operation next week. He also claimed that in recent negoations for Hogan Knows Best, VH-1 proposed a wrestling promotion run by Hogan to air on the network.

So, at Mania, will the Mick Foley/Vince McMahon storyline be revived? Will Roddy Piper (who is expected to be at RAW this Monday in Portland, where he currently resides) be healthy enough to take Hogan’s place on the card? Will the Trump/McMahon angle actually be used to put over up-and-coming talent who need the rub? No one really knows. What we DO know, however, is that the Hulk Hogan merchandise at shopzone.WWE.com is all on sale.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.