Deep South Wrestling TV Report for February 4, 2007

Deep South Wrestling TV Report
Airing February 4, 2007 on Comcast Sports South
Taped on January 18, 2007 at the Deep South Arena in McDonough, Ga

Nigel Sherrod and Bill DeMott opened with a clip of a chair swinging Freakin Deacon at ringside leading to Kofi Kingston and Suede defeating Urban Assault with stereo roll ups. DeMott said Rough House O’Reilly had the DSW Heavyweight Champion Bradley Jay in another non-title match later in the hour. Sherrod was beginning to overheat about the TT Bar.

Cut to Rebecca DiPietro with Kingston and Suede. Kingston said they pulled off the upset last week. Suede said that made them contenders for the tag team titles and that meant more money.
After speaking his piece, Suede once again shrouded himself with the hood of is warm up. Kingston looked surprised that Suede could speak, as if he had his voice box cut out when he started wearing the mask. Kingston said they would do whatever to climb the tag team ranks in Deep South. “Bo! Bo! Bo!” said Kingston. The camera went to wide shot. Suede had suddenly disappeared.

(1) Kofi Nahaje Kingston & Suede defeated Heath Miller & Scott Fantastic in 6:09 when Suede pinned Fantastic with a tornado DDT. Kingston and Suede got off to fast start with a double Japanese armdrag on Miller. They worked on Miller’s arm. Suede hit a top rope double stomp to the arm. Miller turned the tide on Suede with a kneebreaker into a dragon screw legwhip. Miller and Fantastic spent several minutes working on Suede’s leg. DeMott pointed out their strategy of grounding the high flyer. Suede caught Fantastic with a sunset flip for a one count, and shook him off to make the tag. Kingston cleaned house with back bodydrops and body slams. Kingston hit his dancing legdrop to set up Suede’s finisher.

Vito was Tracy Taylor’s first guest in the TT Bar. Tracy gave Vito a pareo (Hawaiian style skirt) as a gift. Tracy said Vito would face Bradley Jay and an opponent TBA in a DSW Heavyweight Title match next week. Vito said he was excited about the title shot, but he looked more excited about the skirt. Out came Shantelle and Luscious. Tracy broke the news that GM Krissy Vaine had booked a Divas tag match with Angel Williams as Shantelle’s partner. Shantelle was not happy. Tracy told Shantelle to just do her thing and there would be no worries.

(2) Vito beat Frankie Coverdale via submission with the Dress Code at 6:16. Coverdale is the misguided 70’s babyface persona of the former Francisco Ciatso. Coverdale appeared to be in a homophobic panic as he ran from Vito and hid behind the ringpost. When Vito flashed the thong, Coverdale jumped into ref Rob Russo’s arms. Vito signaled Coverdale and Russo had something going. In the midst of the hoopla, Coverdale poked Vito in the eye to gain a momentary advantage. Vito stormed back, hitting a double jump reverse splash for a near fall. Vito lit up Coverdale’s chest with stiff chops. Coverdale went down on a hard whip and begged for mercy. Coverdale was playing possum. He used a shoulder block to doubled Vito over, and sent him face first into the turnbuckle. Coverdale was wearing a big grin as he worked on Vito. Coverdale tried a sunset flip and Vito threatened to smother him with the dress, but Frankie had it scouted. Vito started the comeback with a barrage of forearms. Vito with a flying burrito. Vito hit a swishy corkscrew elbow drop for a near fall. Vito hit the Code of Silence and buried Coverdale with the dress.

Backstage, DiPietro asked Shantelle and Angel about their awkward situation. Shantelle said sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do just to keep your job. I see a bright future for her in WWE. Williams said Krissy Vaine kept putting her in lame situations to see if she would crack under the pressure. Williams said she was looking out only for herself tonight, as if that was a change from business as usual.

(3) Angel Williams & Shantelle beat Tracy Taylor & Luscious in 5:04 when Williams schoolgirled Luscious. Tracy and Shantelle were having a friendly, competitive wrestling match, when a pouty Angel bopped Shantelle in the head and demanded a tag. Angel proceeded to do a number on Tracy’s back. The women and children chanted for Tracy, but some of the guys were pulling for Angel. Angel applied a surfboard with her her kneebrace strategically stuck into Tracy’s back. Angel totally ignored Shantelle’s request for a tag. Shantelle confronted Angel. Angel slapped Shantelle across the face. Tracy and Shantelle slapped Angel. Angel bailed. Tracy and Shantelle chased Angel around the ring. Angel slid back in. Luscious went for the home run swing, but Angel ducked and rolled her up. Angel was extremely pleased with herself.

We saw footage of what took place during the commercial break Krissy Vaine came out to the ring and lambasted Shantelle, Tracy and Luscious for failing to handle the hussy. “When Krissy Vaine is unhappy, everybody’s unhappy, Nigel,” said DeMott.

DiPietro asked O’Reilly about his non-title match against Jay. O’Reilly said Jay couldn’t run forever and sooner or later, he would be cornered. O’Reilly said Jay had good reason to be scared about putting the title up.

“That title, Bradley Jay, will go back to where it belongs. And Rebecca, where it belongs, is in the Rough House.”

Jay admitted that he had been unable to rid himself of the thorn in his side that was O’Reilly. Jay congratulated O’Reilly on pinning him. Jay added that it made no difference, because at the end of the night, the title would still be his.

(4) Roughhouse O’Reilly pinned Bradley Jay for the second consecutive time in a non-title match at 7:50. O’Reilly scored several one counts on Jay in the opening two minutes. It was looking like O’Reilly had Jay’s number and Jay knew it. DeMott said that if O’Reilly beat Jay again, Vaine would have to make him the number one contender. Jay elbowed O’Reilly on the break and stomped a mudhole in him. O’Reilly tried to turn the tables, but Jay continued his assault on the gut. They traded chops. Jay whipped O’Reilly chest-first into the turnbuckles and stepped up the intensity of his brawling. Jay applied a punishing bodyscissors. Jay kicked a field goal with O’Reilly’s gut. Jay started making pin attempts, but ref Rob Russo caught him pulling the tights. Jay reapplied the bodyscissors. O’Reilly elbowed out of it and pounded away. Jay was reeling. Jay started hitting the canvas after absorbing O’Reilly’s right hands. O’Reilly hit a flying lariat and cradled Jay for a near fall. Nobody home on O’Reilly’s charge into the corner. Jay leveled O’Reilly with a lariat. Jay was shocked when O’Reilly kicked out. Jay got O’Reilly up for the Second City Slam, but O’Reilly slithered into a reverse roll up with a handful of tights.

We were treated to a goofy backstage vignette featuring G-Rilla and Deacon. They were playing with Deacon’s pet tarantula, Willow. Deacon asked G-Rilla what the spider was saying. G-Rilla sang the answer and played air harmonica.

(5) G-Rilla & Freakin’ Deacon beat Urban Assault (Siaki & Perez with Afa) in 4:24 when Siaki and Afa walked out on Perez. Deacon no sold Siaki’s punches. Siaki made a panicky, wide-eyed, falling backwards tag to Perez. G-Rilla and Deacon demolished the arm of “the Puerto Rican nightmare.” G-Rilla splashed the arm and Perez rolled out to the floor in agony. Afa took his place. G-Rilla and Deacon manhandled the Afa and Siaki. The Samoans threw Perez back into the ring and hit the road. Deacon dropped an elbow on Perez’s elbow. The arm was hanging limp. Cut to a shot of Siaki and Afa with just their heads poking through the curtain. They looked on at the destruction with horrified expressions. G-Rilla pinned Perez with the ICU slam.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: I was talking with a keen observer of the pro wrestling scene who made a great point about why more DSW talent hasn’t been promoted to the major league rosters. He said that WWE is looking for consistency AND uniqueness. DSW produces plenty of the former but not much of the latter. The O’Reilly/Jay match was a case in point. The wrestling was solid. The psychology was sound. They’re telling a nice story around O’Reilly’s pursuit of the title. But there was nothing about the match or their characters to make a Sports Entertainment-oriented viewer truly sit up and take notice The abandonment of Perez marked the end of Urban Assault and the beginning of Samoan Fight Club. The spot with Siaki and Afa peaking through the curtain to watch Perez get destroyed was creative and hilarious. Perez’s “selling” was awesome. He suffered a legit elbow injury during the match. I’m guessing the injury occurred on Deacon’s wicked elbow drop G-Rilla and Deacon are like a twisted variation on the Kane and Undertaker team So much for the push of the Kingston/Suede team that was very entertaining while it lasted. It sucks to be Suede. After a year of spinning his wheels, Suede finally emerged with a gimmick that had possibilities and within weeks, he’s history…This was Suede’s last night with the company, so the WWE office had already decided to let him go when this was shot It was also Taylor’s last night in DSW and she didn’t finish on a high note with that TT Bar segment Vito and Coverdale had an entertaining comedy match. The crowd was really into it. Speaking of the fans, this show had great atmosphere due to the overall heat from the SRO crowd The women’s match was fun, but then Williams is always fun to watch. The Williams/Vaine storyline is interesting. Williams is arrogant as hell, but she’s booked as the babyface in the story with Vaine. I’m thinking that at this point, Shantelle might be the best wrestler among the WWE women This week’s dark matches: Brett Dale b Robbie Chase, Robert Anthony b Brian Cage, Ray Gordy b Big Bully Douglas by DQ.