Confirmation On Hogan/McMahon Fallout


According to Mr. Meltzer and Co., the rumors are true. Hulk Hogan and the only man with an ego larger that the Hulkster in pro wrestling (excuse me, Sportz Entertainment, baby!), Vince McMahon, really did have a big falling out. Unless things change in a hurry, it’s very likely that all plans to utilize Hogan at WrestleMania 23 are off.

Most folks who are in the know do not expect Hogan to appear at ‘Mania, but feel that regardless of what Vince says, Hogan will be back in the fold at some point. Evidently the Hogan versus Shane McMahon (w/The Great Khali) match, which was planned as the in-ring result of the feud between Vince McMahon and Donald Trump, is now off.

Fortunately for WWE’s third brand, the new plan is for ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley to become Trump’s protégé. Of course, considering the dollar signs associated with WrestleMania, Hogan and McMahon could kiss and make up any time between now and April 1st, in which case they’d surely tell Lashley to hit the bricks. Stay tuned for more as the story develops.

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