TNR: Total Nonstop Recaps – February 12, 2007

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TNR: Total Nonstop Recaps
This is TNA: 2-Hour Special 2/12/07

Ah, back for my second-ever TNA recap. I apoligize for it being a tad bit late, but I am currently unable to have cable TV and the computer running at the same time. But enough about me. It’s TNA time!

We start with Eric Young talking to a room full of dogs. I’m serious. He says that they are going to watch the dog show whether they like it or not. TNA then comes on his TV and he goes ape shit. As stupid as it sounds.

Next we get the same video that they used for the Genesis PPV in November. You know, the whole bit about “one small step…one giant leap.” Is it just me, or do you think that, sense this is supposed to be a big deal and all, that TNA should have maybe invested a little money and made a new (and better) video package for this event.

Opening video time. Duh duh…duh duh.

Mike and Don hype the show as we get right to the action. I should probably note that they are doing live commentary for the matches.

Match 1: King of the Mountain Match for the NWA Heavyweight Championship (TNA Slammiversery 6/18/06) Orlando, FL
(C) Christian Cage V.S. Sting V.S. Ron “The Truth” Killings V.S. Abyss V.S. Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett attacks Killings to start as Christian jumps off a ladder onto Abyss. Sting and Cage work over Abyss on the outside while The Truth ducks a Jarrett clothesline and hits a spinning side/axe kick (sorry, but I don’t know what the hell to call it). He then hits Jarrett with a spinning forearm coming off the ropes while Sting rams Abyss into the guard rail. Back in the ring, Christian and Killings hit a double hiptoss. Christian then shows off his street cred. by doing one of the worst dances I have ever seen. He and Killings slap hands and then Killings superkicks him in the face for a 2-count. Nice guy, that Killings. Truth misses the axe kick and gets tossed to the outside. Jarrett attacks Christian but gets clotheslined to the floor as well. Christian hits a dive to the floor onto Jarrett. Meanwhile, Sting and Killings double-team Abyss in the ring, where The Truth hits an axe-kick. Killings hits a flip dive onto Abyss, Cage, and Jarrett. Sting follows that up with a dive off the top of the penalty box. Back in the ring, Stings beats on Jarrett and hits the Stinger Splash. Truth then comes off the top with a dropkick on Jarrett for 3, sending Jeffy Jeff to the penalty box. Truth is now eligible to hang the belt. Meanwhile, Christian whiplashes a ladder into Truth’s face while James Mitchell sets up tables on the outside. He goes for the pin, but Abyss breaks it up. Abyss stands on Christian’s throat and tries for a press slam, which Christian counters into a pin attempt for 3, giving Abyss two minutes in the penalty box. Abyss gets pissed and clotheslines Christian. Jarrett wants to work together with Abyss. Back in the ring, Sting hits a nice dropkick on Killings while Jarrett trips Cage from the outside.


Back from break we see Abyss and Jarrett destroying everyone with a ladder. Killings is able to evade the contact and hops on the ladder, so they just dump him to the outside. Stings and Christian dropkick the ladder into the heels. Christian turns the ladder upside down and wedges Jarrett in between while he stands on it. He tries to hang the belt from there but Abyss catches him and they both tumble to the outside. Killings tries to hang the belt but Abyss tips the ladder. We get a ref bump and Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Jarrett and Slick Johnson comes down to count the 3. Jarret goes to the penalty box. Abyss plans on spashing Cage off the ladder, but tips it, sending him crashing through the tables on the outside. Sting puts the Scorpion Deathlock on Christian, but lets go to stop Jarrett from hanging the belt. Sting puts the Deathlock on Jarrett while Christian attempts to hang the belt. Larry Zybisco low blows him and chucks him outside. Sting nails Zybisco and hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Jarrett and tries to hang the belt, which Christian doesn’t appreciate. While they argue, referee Earl Hebner tips the ladder over, allowing Jarrett to hang the belt while the fans litter the ring with garbage.

Winner and NEW NWA Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Jarrett

Next we get a video package telling us all of the celebrities that have appearred in the company since it’s inception back in 2002. I’m pretty sure that nobody cares.

Mike and Don talk about concepts.

Next we get another video profiling Alex Shelley and Paparazzi Productions.

In the back, EY talks to a dog. Once again, I’m not Kidding.

Top 5 Moments in TNA history:
#5: Christian Cage debuts in TNA at Genesis ’05


#4: The Unbreakable 3-Way Match

X-Division Video Package. Like anybody gives a f*ck anymore.

Mike and Don talk about the Ultimate X match.

Six Sides of Steel promo.

Match 2: Six Sides of Steel Cage Match for the NWA Tag Team Championships (TNA Bound for Glory 10/22/06) Detroit, MI
(C) A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels V.S. The Latin American Exchange

Big brawl to start, with both teams trying to ram each other into the cage. Daniels hits a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker on Homicide. He then hits a drop toe hold on Hernandez, followed by a knee drop from Styles. Apparently Daniels and Hernandez are legal as Daniels hits a leg lariot. 1 FOR DANIELS!!! Daniels tags in Styles, who hits a dropkick on Homicide. Daniels tags in and they hit the suplex/clothesline combo for 2. Styles tags in as we go to a…


We come back to see that Daniels and Homicide are both bleeding from the forehead. Styles climbs the cage as Hernandez powerbombs Daniels who back suplexs Homicide. Styles then hits a beautiful cross body off the top of the cage onto Hernendez for 2. Homicide hits a cutter on Styles but walks into a Death Valley Driver from Daniels who walks into the Cracker Jack from Hernandez, who climbs to the top of the cage and misses a dive onto Styles. Konnan hands Homicide a coat hanger which he uses to choke out Daniels. Homicide hits the Gringo Killer on Styles for the win.

Winners and NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Latin American Exchange

Mike and Don hype Lockdown in St. Louis.

#3: Jeff Jarrett attacks Hulk Hogan in Japan

Mike and Don hype Destination X.

Match 3: Career V.S. Title: NWA Heavyweight Championship Match w/Kurt Angle as the Special Enforcer (TNA Bound for Glory 10/22/06)
(C) Jeff Jarrett V.S. Sting

Jarrett hits an armdrag and a hiptoss to start.


We come back from break as both me collide in the middle of the ring. The ref counts to nine, but Angle hits him with the Olympic Slam and takes over the referee duties. Sting takes over and hits the Stinger Splash and the Scorpion Death Drop for 2. Jarrett hits The Stroke for 2. Sting hits a tombstone piledriver for 2. Jarrett puts on the Figure 4, but Sting won’t tap so Jarrett puts on the ankle lock, which Angle doesn’t particularly care for. Sting counters and grabs the bat, but Angle won’t let him use it. Meanwhile, Jarrett nails Sting with the guitar, but Sting no-sells. Stings applies the Scorpion Deathlock and Jarrett taps.

Winner and NEW NWA Heavyweight Champion: Sting

Mike and Don talk about the new Ultimate X concept.

Match 4: 8-Mile Street Fight (TNA Bound for Glory 10/22/06) Detroit, MI
Christian Cage V.S. Rhino

They brawl backstage to start. Christian climbs on top of a zamboni, which Rhino drives into the arena and knocks Cage off of.


Back from break, Rhino is bleeding. Rhino hits the Rhino Driver off the apron through a table on the outside for 2. Rhino tries to Gore Christian but misses and goes crashing through a table that’s in the corner. Cage covers for 2. Christian hits the Unprettier for 2. Rhino just won’t die!!! Christian piles every weapon that’s in the ring on Rhino and beats the piss out of the pile with a chair. He pins Rhino for the 3-count.

Winner: Christian Cage

#2: Sting returns to wrestling at Final Resolution ’06

Mike and Don hype the Angle/Joe match.

Match 5: Dream Match of the Decade (TNA Genesis 11/19/06) Orlando, FL
Samoa Joe V.S. Kurt Angle

They scrap to start and that goes nowhere. Angle goes for the ankle lock, but Joe goes to the ropes. Joe takes control and stomps Angle. Angle hits a belly-to-belly suplex and clotheslines Joe to the floor. Joe grabs angle and slams him into the rail. Joe covers for 2. Angle fights back but misses a charge in the corner. Joe hits a rather weak elbow suicida as we go to a…


We come back and Angle is bleeding. Joe tries a sleeper, but Kurt counters. Olympic Slam gets a 2-count. Angle puts on the ankle lock, which Joe counters into the Kokina Clutch, which Angle counters back into the ankle lock, but Joe roles out. Joe misses a charge in the corner and Angle hits the Olympic Slam. Angle slaps on the ankle lock again, which makes Joe tap.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Video on violence in TNA.

Young’s still talking to dogs.

Video package showing the new concept of Ultimate X. Apparently, instead wires crossing, scaffoldings will. Well, neato.

Christian comes to the ring and claims that his to title wins should be the top moments in TNA. And now we get the #1 moment(s) in TNA history:

#2: TNA debuts on Spike TV

#1: TNA announces that they’ve signed Kurt Angle at No Surrender ’06

Christian looks pissed as we go off the air.

Fozzy music video to end the show.

The Inside Pulse
— Match Results:

Jeff Jarrett won the King of the Mountain Match
LAX defeated A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels
Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett
Christian Cage defeated Rhino in Six Sides of Steel
Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe