Looking Ahead – 13th February 2007


Looking Ahead – 13th February 2007

Welcome to Looking Ahead, the column whose writer has the looks of a monkey, but the smell of a Greek god.

Hi folks! Get your arse inside…


No Way Out; Sunday February 18th

The Announced Card

Batista & The Undertaker vs. John Cena & Shawn Michaels
The reason I didn’t write anything for this match last week is simple I don’t have anything to say, and this week’s not much different.

Batista and Taker will have a scuffle, and so will Cena and HBK.

WWE Tag Team Championship
London & Kendrick vs. Deuce & Domino
As you’ve probably heard, the Four-Way Ladder Match has apparently been pulled from No Way Out in favour of a Regular Tag Title match. Personally, that’s a bad move from the WWE, however I’m guessing that they’re either going announce another Four-Way, replacing Regal & Taylor with D&D, OR they’ll save the match for WrestleMania.

King Booker vs. Kane
Meh. King Booker’s not as interesting as he was as the World Champ, and throwing him in a feud with Kane seems like a waste for both guys to me. Trying to make something out of a nothing feud is a good effort though.

Diva Talent Invitational
Two words. Piss. Break.

Finlay vs. Boogeyman
As I wrote in last weeks column, (for those of you who missed it, it was late. Go look it up) I like the idea behind this feud, however bizarre the circumstances and reasoning to get the two guys to fight are. It’s a smart move to try and rub off some of Finlay’s stiffness and brutality onto Boogey, because Layfield knows’ he needs it.

Rumors and the like…

U.S. Title Match
Chris Benoit vs. Joey Mercury
If the Four-Way ladder match is off the card, then this would be a good way to further the Hardy-Mercury rivalry because with Hardy out with an “injured knee”, he can do a run in towards the end of the match and cost Joey the victory, one-upping his rival.

Cruiserweight Title Match
Gregory Helms vs. Daivari
After Daivari beat Helms on SmackDown last week, it looks like a feud might be brewing between the two, and I’m all for it. It’s about time both men were involved in
a lengthy program again.


World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs. The Undertaker

WWE World Championship
John Cena vs. HBK

Battle of the Billionaires
? w/ Donald Trump vs. ? w/ Vince McMahon
I’d say Khali is the obvious choice for Vince, as for Trump… he’s got to choose a fan favourite, so I’ll guess at maybe Stone Cold? I don’t think there’s many other people to choose from. He won’t choose Lashley, as I’ll assume he’ll be having an ECW Title match on the card.

Rumors and the like…

A TLC match featuring the Hardy’s and MNM is being talked about apparently, but nothing is set in stone as of yet. Personally, I’d throw both teams in the Money In The Bank ladder match, and a couple of guys from ECW, and bob’s your uncle.

I can also see something happening between Dusty Rhodes and Umaga given what happened on Raw this past week. Whuups. SPOILER AL3RT!!!!1!11!!!!1111!!!!!ELEVEN!!!!1!1



Here’s the finalised card for my WrestleMania 23. Read on if you care, or skip to the last bit.

On hold until after No Way Out, which is next week no less. – GO PLAY MY NEW GAME THAT I’VE JUST STARTED – SEE BELOW

Get the Mail you old Bag!

Loved the column this week, as usual, but I had one question. How can Kenny be in the IC Title Match and the MITB Match at the same time?
John M.

P.S.: I’m asking anyone I e-mail about this, so it’s only fair. I’m thinking about getting Alias and The Shield on DVD. Any opinion on whether or not either show is good/worth the money?

Yes, to you and all those other smart-arses out there, I DID put Kenny and Jeff Hardy in two separate matches on my WrestleMania 23 card. Did I mean to, or was it a simple mistake on my part?

I like to think it was the first

As for Alias and The Shield, I’ve no idea, I don’t watch either. I only watch good programs like Scrubs, Prison Break and 8 Simple Rules.

The Last Bit…

I want to hear from you!

Yes YOU, John Q Monkeyboy. Every week from now until Mania, I’ll be asking you three questions every week, which you’ll have to guess the answer to I might add, and I’ll be keeping a tally of the results and will publish them here the following week, with a leader board and everything. I’ll keep a record of the email addresses and names, and the winner MIGHT receive a pressie or gift certificate or something.

You’re first three questions, all No Way Out related, are –

1. Who will score the pin-fall in the first match of No Way Out?

2. How many divas will compete in the shitty Diva Talent thing, also at No Way Out?

3. Which team will win the Inter-Brand Tag Team Match?

Entries this week MUST be in an hour before No Way Out starts. Entries after that won’t be counted. Don’t bother cheating because although I probably won’t check, it’s just plain wrong. Besides, I might check… you never know.

Right then.. get your answers to me sharpish. But take your time…

~ Danny Wallace