New Talent Relations Director & Bruno Hall Of Fame Update


Jim Ross and Gerald Brisco have complained about the quality of WWE’s recruitment policies due to the diminished value of the developmental talent they have. The company subsequently hired a new Director of Talent Relations, James Tyler Bailey, who will be a full-time recruiter of college and pro level athletes, mainly wrestlers and football players. Bailey used to work for the XFL. At the moment the most talented people in developmental are smaller than the 6-2, 250 pounds that the company wants in people it will push. Internally, the people with the best shot at making it are said to be Cody Runnels and Kofi Kingston. Runnels is Dusty Rhodes’ son, which gives him a political advantage but also raises expectations so high that it could hinder his chances, as with his brother Dustin. He was a two-time state high school champion in Georgia and took some acting classes in Hollywood. Kingston is 5-11 and does a Jamaican Cool Runnings gimmick. He seems to have supporters in high places after his work in Deep South and is said to be a good talker.

Afa and Sika have been asked to join the Hall of Fame this year. WWE floated the idea of inviting Bruno Sammartino but it’s unlikely to happen. Sammartino’s feelings on the matter are that if he were to accept induction he would be whoring out his beliefs, which he is unwilling to do.

Roddy Piper has finished his radiation treatment and is now working on a movie for MTV.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)