Cable for One – 24 Day 6 – 1:00 PM & 2:00 PM

Running a bit late this week so here’s a few random 24 related thoughts. Okay, well, they aren’t really random but they aren’t overly extensive and one or more story developments may be left uncommented on for this week.

I can understand Morris giving in to Fayed after a round of torture, after all, we’ve seen Jack break presumably tougher people in far less time than it took Morris to break. It did seem rather odd that Morris didn’t at least try to stall a bit after CTU arrived. Fayed and his men were talking openly about how it was only a matter of time before CTU arrived, so you think Morris would have had the wherewithal to take things a little slower. It’s not like Fayed would be able to do much more to get Morris to move more quickly. Considering the beatings and drilling and such that were already applied to Morris, it would probably be quite difficult for him to focus on his task as it was; if they employed any additional torture, it would only serve to slow Morris’s work down even more.

The little moment when Morris told Jack about reprogramming the device was pretty great. Jack went a year and a half without cracking under torture and Morris lasted all of ten minutes (with far higher consequences for breaking) so he certainly didn’t get much sympathy from Jack.

Another moment with Jack that I really liked was when he first came back to CTU. Jack and Chloe were obviously quite happy to see each other, but seeing as neither of them is exactly in danger of being described as a huggy person, Jack’s squeezing Chloe’s arm was a nice moment.

Phillip Bauer continues to impress with his ever greater displays of cold and calculating evil. You can’t get much colder than forcing your daughter-in-law to lead your son into a lethal trap by threatening to kill your only grandson. Whether or not he would have gone through with his threat to kill Josh, that’s pretty damned cold.

I have to say when Jack left Milo and Marylin alone by the van while everyone else investigated the house, I figured that Milo had very little time left to live. I also suspected Marylin would be killed. Then when they were attacked very close to the end of the hour, I was temporarily confused as to why the henchmen had orders to take Marylin alive; I figured since she knew about Phillip’s actions it would be too risky to keep her alive. Then I remembered that she knew the possible location of Gredenko and I felt really stupid. On the upside, now that they’ve survived until the top of the hour, it seems pretty likely that both Milo and Marylin will escape from their current predicament relatively unscathed (unless they plan to spend an entire episode on a cat and mouse situation next week).

I’m curious to see how the presidential coup attempt plays out even though there are only really two possible courses. Either A) Palmer is assassinated and Assad is framed for the act or B) Palmer and Assad team up to stop the assassination (this would also be a good point to bring in Agent Pearce as this sort of thing seems right up his alley). Both possibilities COULD lead to some great storyline developments or they could lead to all sorts of plot cliché moments. I guess we shall just have to wait and see what happens.

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