Final Days of Fun in The O.C. Sun – Episode 4-13


The O.C. – Episode 4-13 – “The Case of the Franks”

Ryan doesn’t want to do anything for Valentine’s Day with Taylor. Taylor wonders what’s wrong. We find out, after see snoops around and goes to a mystery address, that it is issues with his father. Taylor brings Frank and Ryan together at a surprise dinner. Ryan objects to this, but it’s Taylor so they sit down and find out some interesting news. Let the race for Julie Cooper Nichol Cooper Roberts and her NEW last name begin!

Kirsten is having weird flashbacks after finding out that she is pregnant. We see she and Jimmy together, back in the day. We also see the moment that she and Jimmy broke up. More than once actually. Why is she so concerned with looking back at the past WITH Jimmy? Sandy wonders why as well when he finds out that she has been looking at past pictures. It appears that Kirsten was trying to have a kid with Jimmy, but it didn’t work out.

Summer and Seth get a psychic reading and Summer is doubting whether or not Seth is the “one”. Especially when everything the psychic said is coming true. Is her true love really named George? She asks Kirsten advice on how she knew Sandy was the “one”. Kirsten basically says that if it’s meant to be, it will be. You just have to be patient.

Seth has flashbacks as well. We go back 9 years to the Spring of 1998. It’s the moment Seth fell in love with Summer. She read her infamous “I Wish I Were a Memaid” poem and that did it for Seth. Too bad that Taylor actually wrote that poem and gave it to Summer to read, in exchange for her being invited to Summer’s birthday party. Apparently Taylor was a dork back then. She has REALLY grown up! Back to Seth/Summer. Since the roots of their relationship have now proven to be a lie, does that mean that Summer and Seth aren’t meant for each other?

Kaitlin likes Frank and wants Julie to marry him. But then Taylor and Ryan find out that Frank is in love with Julie as well. Taylor wants Frank to get with Julie for some unknown reason. So we have a cat fight. The Kaitlin/Team Bullit vs. Taylor/Team Atwood war was pretty funny. In the end, she say no to Frank’s marriage proposal. Why? Kaitlin loves Bullit and she is the only daughter she has left. So whether she loves Bullit or not, she loves Kaitlin. That doesn’t stop her from thinking about Frank, though. Kaitlin finally realizes that “YOU CAN’T FIGHT FATE!” She lets Julie RUN back to Frank and the romance is on!

Speaking of fate, we find out that GEORGE actually stands for Global Environmental Organization Regarding Greenhouse Emissions. They heard what Summer has been saying about saving the sea otters. Now they want to offer her a job. Seth comes in and says that the girl he loved in the past was a fantasy. The adult Summer has evolved and that is the girl he wants to love forever. Of course, if Summer takes the GEORGE job, she will have to be away from Seth for a year on a bus. Maybe there is room for two “loves” in Summer’s life.

This episode was pretty fantastic. It was pretty much all humor. Which was needed as the previews for next week look like MAJOR DRAMA! EARTHQUAKE baby!

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