Bob Holly Hates Popcorn, Fat Kids


Dawn Ostroff, president of the CW network, has given high praise to the McMahons for Smackdown’s recent ratings improvements. “I have to say the WWE, Vince and Linda, have been incredible partners. I have to say they are excellent show producers. They know their characters better than anybody. They understand what their audience is looking for and who their audience is better than anything. They have been doing this for a long time and their business is more than just this show. It is truly a whole culture, a phenomenon.”

John Laurinaitis has been burying Rob Van Dam’s matches in agent meetings even more than usual lately. He’s been very negative on him since the talent meeting where RVD made fun of him over the announcement that talent couldn’t leave TV tapings during the afternoons to go to the gym anymore.

Rey Mysterio’s upcoming ‘return’ to Smackdown will be a one-time appearance. He’s still several months away from being able to compete and they are only bringing him in as the show will be in his hometown.

T.J. Wilson’s start in Deep South has been delayed due to visa issues.

Following Batista’s appearance earlier in the season, Kane and Ashley will be guest starring on Smallville on 3/22. Ashley’s Playboy goes on sale 3/12.

Bob Holly got a standing ovation from an appreciative crowd at a house show in Vancouver on 2/10. He was pinned by RVD but the fans kept chanting his name after the match anyway as he had turned himself face by knocking the popcorn out of a fat kid’s hand after the kid handed it to him.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)