In Hindsight: Heroes, Episode 01-16


New York
So the question is: was Simone’s death meaningful? Well, not so much if you were expecting one of the metas to die, but in terms of emotion, it definitely worked. Isaac and Peter are fighting over a woman, and she pays the price. Put another way, this death was more meaningful than any of the five “major” character deaths in Lost. But the important thing here is that Peter finally has some control over his acquired powers. Apparently, he just had a mental block about using them to their fullest, and it took an invisible man taking a page out of Miller and JRJR’s Daredevil: The Man Without Fear mini to do it. I’m pretty sure that flying scene was an homage to Superman: The Move, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen that.

And now that they’ve fought, Peter and Isaac have to team up, right? I mean, sure Isaac sold Peter and Claude out, but he didn’t know that H.R.G. was a bad guy. These things happen. I think.

Las Vegas-ish
I didn’t miss DL, Nessica and Micah this week. Did you?

Anyways, Hiro goes off to rescue Ando, and then sends him home. On one hand, it’s kinda sad, since Ando has always been akin to the voice of reason for Hiro. On the other hand, Ando will always be in danger since he doesn’t have powers. Plus he needs to be in Japan for Hiro to call him when he first jumps to New York. And also, I suppose it’s hard to watch internet strippers when you’re on the road. I’m just saying.

Los Angeles and Odessa
Okay, so Parkman is FINALLY doing something interesting, hooking up with Ted and Wireless to take down H.R.G. All this while Mrs. Bennet has a subdermal hemorrhage, and Claire has vowed to take him down. Factor in that he didn’t catch Claude or Peter, and I’d have to say that it has not been a good day for Mr. Bennet.

Bozeman, Montana
We see that Suresh is suspicious of “Zane” and his overenthusiastic interest in other metas. It probably doesn’t help that after Sylar kills Dale and acquires her power, he has trouble adjusting to it. It’s probably indicative as to how addicted Sylar is to killing and acquiring powers that he takes a power that he doesn’t need and will probably lead to more harm than good.

The List
Claire Bennet – Regeneration
Gabriel Gray a.k.a. Sylar – Can “see” and “fix” things
D.L. Hawkins – Becomes intangible
Isaac Mendez – Precognition
Hiro Nakamura – Time manipulation/teleportation
Matt Parkman – Telepath (receiving only)
Nathan Petrelli – Flight
Peter Petrelli – Power mimic
Micah Sanders – Techno-manipulation (?)
Niki Sanders – Superhuman strength

Charlie Andrews (d) – Eidetic memory
Claude – Invisibility
Dale (d) – Super-Hearing
Brian Davis (d) – Telekinetic
Sarah “Eden” Ellis – Persuasion
Hana “Samantha” Gitelman a.k.a. Wireless – Techno-telepath (?)
Meredith Gordon – Pyrokinetic
The Haitian – Removes memories
Sanjog Iyer – Dreamwalker
Ted Sprague – Radioactive
Zane Taylor (d) – Molecular Destabilization (?)
James Walker (d) – Freezing power

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