The Late Night News EXPLOSION


As they’ve done recently, WWE continues to put out press releases touting its accomplishments. Here are two:

Three Consecutive Sellouts Highlight WWE’s Road To WrestleMania(R) Through California

WWE(R) Does It Again, All Three Prime Time Shows Are Network No. 1’s

In other news:

– Chris Nowinski talks with Channel 5 in Boston about concussions, and you can see the interview here.

– According to Pro Wrestling Insider, the decision has been made to get away from the animal connotations to his character, so they’ve dropped the animal print trunks, the “Animal Kingdom” location, and aren’t calling his shoulderblock the “pounce.” His profile has been updated accordingly, as he’s now from Detroit.

– Sylvan Grenier was added to the ECW Extremists page, taken off of Smackdown’s page.

– Where are they now? Kevin Sullivan

– On’s List This section, they are about to reveal the #1 “Whoa-mance” in WWE history. Here are the other top 10 so far:

10 – Jericho & Trish
9 – Harvey & Bertha
8 – Goldust & Marlena
7 – Dawn Marie & Al Wilson
6 – Mark Henry & Mae Young
5 – Chyna & Eddie
4 – Billy & Chuck
3 – Lita’s Many Loves
2 – Savage & Elizabeth

I don’t know about you, but SOMEthing tells me #1 will feature a certain injured member of DX….

– On they are teasing that Smackdown “will kick off with a bang on Friday night. Fresh off his controversial actions at No Way Out, The Animal will explain his actions to the WWE fans.” Batista is also featured on the cover of the latest WWE Magazine.

– has an exclusive interview with CM Punk talking about his Money in the Bank win and chance to compete for a title shot at Wrestlemania. You can see this video here.

– Matt Striker’s word of the week is “pugilaster” — read it here.

– Ariel has Snitsky In the Cards.

– Here’s the latest Elijah Experience.

WWE Broadband has some new videos, including:
WWE Rollin’: Big Show
Seein’ Superstars: Cindy Margolis
Sex U: Maria’s body language
WWE UnCut: Roddy Piper
WWE Sidesplitters: John Cena

A new Heat should be up this afternoon.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.