Comments from Doug Gentry’s Mother


The following email was sent to me to post, as a thank you from the late Doug Gentry’s mother…

To my Aunt Agnes Maher, my cousins and their children, co-workers Rob, Joe, Elly and colleagues. Chris, Ray and the many friends of Douglas, especially Mr. and Mrs. Feinstein. Please accept my profound gratitude for attending his funeral and mass of Christian burial. Saint Christophers’ was neither Doug’s nor my parish but Msqr. Garvin and the Reverend Father Ik were gracious enough to offer the church for the funeral since it has been my extended family’s parish for over forty years.

Many of you traveled great distances, many of you were of different faiths, many sent flowers, many of you were responsible for the photographic display in the church, and many of you sent mass cards. I must thank you this way because I do not have all of your addresses.

All of the above are sad but lovely trappings of a funeral. It is, however, your respect, admiration, and love for Doug that brought us all together for all too short a time to bid farewell to a young man who died before his time, but not before our creator’s time.

Doug was born on November 1, 1972- All Saints Day. He was in no way a saint but from everything you all said of him to me in the receiving line, he did possess a certain ineffable quality. You extended to me not only your support and sympathy, but also a glimpse into a part of his life of which I was only vaquely aware since he spoke so little of himself.

We came together to mourn for my son but also to celebrate his life. Please remember him and know that I shall remember all of you who gave me the most cherished gifts of all- that of yourselves, and your caring so much for Doug.

May God bless you, watch over you, and keep you safe.

Yours Always,
(Mrs.) Lois B. Gentry

If you would like to send a letter to Mrs. Gentry please forward it to PO Box 797, Langhorne PA 19047. You can read the original story of Doug’s passing here, and comment here.

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