TNR: Total Nonstop Recaps – February 22, 2007

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We start with a recap of the gauntlet from last week.

Opening video. Duh duh…duh duh.

The Elevation X lowers from the cieling and A.J. Styles comes down and climbs to the top. He puts himself over for awhile and then describes the match rules. Apparently, it’s going to be similar to a scaffold match, which is just plain stupid. Scaffold matches suck for a reason. He then throws out a challenge to anyone who has the guts to take A.J. on his match. Rhino then charges to the ring and climbs to the top as well, which Mike and Don are actually surprised by. Me too. I never expected the guy A.J. has been feuding with since f*cking December to run out. Idiots. Anyways, Styles flees to the back and Rhino tells him that he accepts his challenge.

Team 3D and The Sopranos guy cut a promo in the back to hype the Belting Pot Match. The Sopranos guy says that you need to stick with your family. Well he must be a damn genius.

Match 1: Belting Pot Match
LAX vs. Team 3D

Each team has their own lumberjacks. LAX comes out first as we dive right into a…


Team 3D is out next with along with the goombahs. What in the f*ck is a goombah? Whatever. Homicide attacks D-Von to start, but eats a Thesz Press. D-Von throws him to the outside, where the Italions whip him like a red-headed step child.

Back inside, D-Von hits a slam and an elbow drop for 2. D-Von tries to hit the ropes, but Hernandez lowers it and D-Von crashes to the floor, where he’s whipped by the Latinos. Back in, Hernandez chokes him with his shirt. They trade chops and D-Von tosses Hernandez is…you guessed it…whipped.

Homicide nails D-Von from behind and tags in and covers for 2. D-Von counters a tornado DDT and hits a spinning elbow. Hot tag for Ray who hits a hipblock on Hernandez and a back drop on Homicide. Samoan Drop on Hernandez by Ray, who then tosses Homicide, who is saved by the Latinos. Ray gets a 2-count on Hernandez. 3D hits a suplex/neckbreaker combo for 2.
Homicide back in and sends D-Von to the outside. A big gang brawl breaks out on the floor while the Sopranos guy helps with the waazuuuuuuuuuuuuup headbutt. Hernandez comes back in only to get 3Ded for the pin.

Winners: Team 3D

Yet another video package recapping the Sting/Abyss feud.


Lockdown Promo

Sting then cuts a wierd promo from his “death bed.” It kind of reminds me of the last boss on the Silent Hill 2 video game. Apparently there is gonna be another Sting/Abyss match at the PPV. I can’t wait.

JB tries to talk to Abyss in the back, but that enrages The Monster, who takes out his frustration on Borash.

Match 2: Six-Man Tag Team Match
Robert Roode, Eric Young, & James Storm vs. VKM & Lance Hoyt

B.G and Young start, and try to tie up. They instead opt to do some electricity, and no I’m no joking. Funny stuff actually. They then hit a double clothesline on a charging James Storm, which Roode doesn’t like. He slaps EY and orders him to the apron.

The heels control and Storm hits the Honor Roll. B.G. eventually tags in Hoyt, who cleans house and tries to go to the top, but gets crotched, allowing Storm to get the 3-count.

Winners: Storm, Roode & Young

After the match, Wildcat Captain Crunch, I mean Chris Harris, jumps the rail and chases Storm to the back.

Fallen Angel promo. Where the hell is this storyline going?

Back in the ring, Andre Rison is back in the ring with Don West to hype Pros vs. Joes. Andre threatens to beat up someone from the crowd. Abyss comes out and gives him a Black Hole Slam. Why? Because he’s Abyss and he can.


Ron Killings stars in…Rambuck? Ooooook.

Paparazzi Idol. More Savage from Lethal and Nash says that he is black and that Lethal should play the race card. Wierd.

Contract signing time. Steiner and Angle come to the ring, where Steiner says that he’s gonna melt down Kurt’s medals and sell them. Kurt basically calls Steiner a moron. Can’t argue with that. They sign and then a brawl breaks out, with Tompko and Christian running in to destroy Angle.


Elevation X promo.

Video package on Samoa Joe. Joe says that the series of matches with Kurt Angle better and said that he would break Christian.

Main Event: 5-Way #1 Contender’s Ladder Match for the X-Division Championship
Austin Starr vs. Senshi vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

Starr and Senshi battle to the outside while Dutt and Lethal double-team Lynn. Crowd is pro Lynn, who fights back with a headscissors on Lethal and a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker on Dutt. Lynn brings in a ladder, but Dutt pushes him into the corner and then runs up the ladder and dropkicks Lynn in the face. Dutt and Lethal hit a baseball slide into the ladder, into Senshi and Starr. They then hit double planchas on Senshi and Starr.


Senshi hits the Warrior’s Way on Lynn but gets nailed by Starr, who then dropkicks a ladder into Lethal’s face. Everybody sets up ladders and tries to climb, but it’s narrowed down to Lynn, Senshi, and Lethal. Lynn shoves them off and pulls down the X for the win.

Winner: Jerry Lynn

After the match, Bob Backlund comes to the ring and shakes Lynn’s hand. Starr is pissed off and tries to attack Backlund, but gets caught in the dreaded Crossface Chickenwing as the show goes off the air.

Adrenaline rush…adrenaline rush.

The Inside Pulse
— Match Results:
Team 3D beats LAX
Storm, Roode & Young beat VKM & Lance Hoyt
Jerry Lynn beats Senshi, Lethal, Dutt and Starr