ROH Report: “Fifth Year Festival Part 4” 2/24 in Chicago, IL

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Results from the Ring of Honor message board with some thoughts from me.

Match 1: Brent Albright defeats Claudio Castagnoli with the Half Nelson Suplex

All reports say it was a decent match and Larry Sweeney continues the feud with Claudio.

Match 2: SHIMMER Exhibition – Allison Danger and Sara Del Ray over Serena and Ms Chif

More SHIMMER action on Ring of Honor shows is a good thing. They are usually entertaining matches and women’s wrestling is experiencing a serious renaissance on the independent scene. Maybe one day WWE or TNA will catch on.

Match 3: Four Corner Survival – Matt Cross over CJ Otis, Trik Davis, and SHINGO

After the match Cross was recruited by Aries to be a member of his stable in the battle with the No Remorse Corps. All reports say that Cross was awesome in the match and SHINGO was also impressive.

Jimmy Rave over BJ Whitmer

Reports say that this match was not stellar; I will reserve judgment until I see it on DVD. Rave is still dominating most of the roster.

The Briscoes defeat Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship

Some say this was a formality, but all reports indicate that this was an awesome match. The Briscoes are now in their rightful place atop the tag team mountain in Ring of Honor. It took them a year to climb the mountain and now it will be interesting to see who will be able to defeat the most dominant team in wrestling.

Matt Cross and Austin Aries over Davey Richards and Roderick Strong

The first battle in the Generation Next fallout was won by Aries and his new teammate Matt Cross. Reports also say that Cross was cut up pretty badly after a dive to the outside. Hopefully he can continue in his new high profile role in Ring of Honor.

Windy City Death Match: “Classic” Colt Cabana over. Jimmy Jacobs

The third ever Windy City Death Match reportedly delivered like the previous two and it is in stiff company with Ace Steel and CM Punk vs. the Briscoes and Homicide vs. Colt Cabana. Many in attendance thought Jacobs had the match won after a senton off of a ladder onto Colt putting both men through a table. Colt was still able to win, and it would seem his issues with Jacobs are now settled, and all Jacobs has left to do is finalize things with BJ Whitmer. Wrestlemania weekend anyone?

Takeshi Morishima and Nigel McGuinness over Samoa Joe and Homicide

Nigel defeated Joe in his last American Ring of Honor match with a lariat. Joe has two Ring of Honor shows left one against Nigel and one final match. Also the RoH title goes to Japan until April.

It seems like RoH put on another great show and the Fifth Year Festival only has one weekend left.

I’ll see you next time .