Late Night News Dribble


Now that Vince cares about ECW…
Lowest. Rating. Ever. According to the Observer the show scored a wicked bad 1.3. Way to go Vince, you talked shit about ECW and it looks like the fans listened. Wonderful job.

Speaking of ratings, how did TNA do?
TNA scored an average 1.01 rating this week, which should give you some kind of perspective between the WWE’s C-show and TNA’s flagship.

TNA loses weight
A1 has been released by TNA and Screamin Norman Smiley has been dropped from the roster page of the Web site but there are still plans to use him now and again. I always mistook A1 for Bobby Roode in my mind. Maybe because they both have no personality. Also, Jackie Gayda is no longer listed on the roster page, but is still with the company and on the “Knockouts” page.

Paparazzi Idol
Maybe people think that the Paparazzi skits don’t get anyone over but Nash, but damn the guy is funny. Check out the video and see Jay Lethal’s Macho Man impression that’s better than Macho Man’s own impression of himself lately.

Cry for Kidman
Apparently Kidman is having seperation issues from Torrie Wilson. According to her being on the road was one of the things that lead to the split. Look for Kidman to pop up in Japan under a new masked gimmick.

Test pulls a Carl Pavano
Accrding to PWI, Test got into a bit of a car accident down in Florida on Friday night. He lost control of his Corvette (not his temper) and hit a parked car. no one was injured, he passed a sobriety test and no charges have been filed against him. The only difference between Test and Pavano is that Pavano was driving his Porshe.

Because you care about the Little Bastard’s roster page now lists Little Bastard as “Hornswoggle”

The challenges of wrestling in HD
The WWE was mentioned in passing in an article about the move to HDTV. For those that follow this story religiously, you’d know that the WWE already shot a pilot episode of Smackdown! in HD the last time they were in Mohegan Sun up in Connecticut. There hasn’t been any mention of it since, but I would assume that they would be considering a move toward HD as their networks also move in that direction. Who doesn’t know that wrestling isn’t real by now? Give me my damn programming in HD. Here’s the link for those of you still interested.

More Bob Backlund
How this guy manages to stay current is beyond me.

TNA gets mainstream attention through Johnny Damon (what’s with the Yankee references?)
That is, if you consider mainstream attention.

Pre-Lockdown event
For those of you who regularly attend TNA tapings (you probably already know who you are) there’s a fan event before the Lockdown PPV. Check out the coverage on TNA’s site here.