Deep South Wrestling TV Report for February 18, 2007

We’re impressed that you can sing, dance and dress yourself.

— The hosts of E! Fashion Police to guest Brooke Hogan.

Deep South Wrestling TV Report
Airing February 18, 2007 on CSS
Taped on February 8, 2007 at the Deep South Arena in McDonough, Ga

General Manager Krissy Vaine’s state of DSW speech was interrupted by Freakin Deacon entering through the front door with Willow, the tarantula. Deacon was pounding his forehead as he approached the ring. The Boogeyman came down the ramp with a wig over his head. They squared off at ringside. Boogeyman removed the wig to reveal the worms falling out of his mouth. Deacon handed Willow’s box to Boogeyman as a peace offering. Boogeyman reached for the spider. Deacon snatched it back and headed out the door with Boogeyman chasing after him.

Vaine tried to regain her composure. “I don’t know what that was, but I know I didn’t like it.” Vaine said her main problem was that irritating little hussy, Angel Williams. Vaine said she was tired of Williams hogging time on her television show. Vaine said was making a match for herself against Williams to settle things physically. On commentary, MVP was down with that. The crowd started an “Angel” chant. Vaine left in a snit.

Cut to the back where Rebecca DiPietro asked Team Elite about their goals. Derrick Neikirk said the best team in DSW and the best team anywhere had their sights set on the gold. “Somebody needs a hug,” said Mike Knox, who was all smiles as he snuggled up to DiPietro. Neikirk said, “gimme a break” and walked off. Knox got his hug. DiPietro liked it.

(1) Team Elite (Derrick Neikirk & Mike Knox) beat Heath Miller & Scott Fantastic in 8:12 pinning Fantastic with the Last Breath. Nice sequence in the early going with Miller going hold for hold with Neikirk. But Miller made the fatal mistake of getting caught up in the Elite’s subterfuge. Knox hit an explosive running legdrop. Neikirk shot Miller chest first into the buckles and drilled him with a rabbit lariat as he rebounded out of the corner. Elite worked on Miller’s ribs until he was sucking wind bigtime. Miller fired up with a desperate attempt for the tag, but Knox draped his gut across the ropes and picked Fantastic off the apron with a high kick. MVP said he could hear all the air rushing out after Knox’s high elevation kneedrop to the chest. Double down after the Miller’s Crossing neckbreaker. Fantastic took the tag and start throwing kicks. MVP said that could be lethal due to Fantastic’s kick boxing background. Fantastic missed a spinkick and Neikirk caught him with the Saito suplex. Knox covered but Miller saved with a basement dropkick. MVP put Miller over for making a comeback. Moments later, Neikirk dumped Miller and ducked a superkick from Fantastic. Elite finished Fantastic with a tandem Alabama Slam.

Williams cut a backstage promo on Vaine. Williams said knew something was up because Vaine wouldn’t face her without a plan. No matter, Williams said she would walk through fire for the chance to beat Krissy’s obnoxious butt.

Earlier today Vaine called for a group meeting with the Divas. Vaine reminded them about their class in manners and told them to implement all that she had taught them about being southern belles. Luscious said she was from Georgia, so she was southern. Brooke Adams said she was from Houston. Shantelle said she was Canadian. Be that as it may, Vaine told them they were to be at ringside to learn and the “little pumpkins” were not to get involved in the match.

“Don’t get your little britches in a bunch cuz y’all won’t be the only ones out there learning. Angel Williams will be taught a very, very valuable lesson tonight ” – Krissy Vaine

Williams entered the ring to a total babyface response. They cut to a shot of Vaine dragging the discontented Divas down the ramp

“Booty, booty, booty, booty, booty over there. Booty, booty, booty, booty, booty, everywhere. Look at it. It’s all over the place.” — MVP

(2) Krissy Vaine beat Angel Williams in 4:29. Vaine threatened to jab Angel with her trusty feather pen until ref John Cone took it away. It was an intense mat brawl right from the get go. MVP said we might see some silicone squirting. Vaine hit a sidewalk slam to take over. Vaine draped Angel’s throat over the middle rope and gave the running booty to the back. Williams kicked out at two. As Vaine continued to pummel Angel, Sherrod brought up Vaine’s alleged relationship with the Assassin. MVP said women do what they have to do to assume positions of power, and if somebody told Williams she could get a spot by doing something strange for some change, she would get down. Vaine used the hair mare and played to her adoring fans before making the cover. Vaine ate the turnbuckle on a missed splash and Williams made her comeback. The Bag Lady ran in and broke a stick over Angel’s neck. Angel went down like she had been hit with a brick. Cone called it a DQ, but Vaine said she made the rules, put one foot on Angel and ordered Cone to make the count.

Luscious was backstage with the Samoan Fight Club. Afa promised revenge on Eric Perez for the disrespect he showed them last week. Siaki said the only way the people could believe in the DSW titles was if they were held by the Samoans, because they were the baddest dudes in Deep South.

Majors Brothers did a lame pop culture comedy routine about the break up of Siaki and Perez comparing them to “Bennifer” and “Vaughiston” and calling them “Peraki.” Brian said it didn’t matter who Siaki’s partner was because the “saviors of tag team wrestling” were ready for anything.

(3) Majors Brothers (Brian & Brett) defeated Samoan Fight Club (Afa & Siaki) in 7:38 when Boogeyman distracted the Samoans. Perez was introduced as the special referee, which thrilled the Samoans no end. Perez showed that he was playing no favorites, as he first blocked Siaki and then Brett from using a closed fist. The key spot saw Brian fly over the top when Afa stepped aside. Brian attempted to skin the cat, but Afa kicked him in the back and left him in a crumpled heap. SFC destroyed Brian’s back. Siaki used a single leg crab. Afa did an impressive frogsplash to Brian’s ravaged back. Brett had to break up the pin attempt. Afa splashed Siaki when Brian moved out of the way. Brian spinebustered Afa and made the hot tag. As Brett cleaned house, Sherrod brought up the Samoans hard heads. MVP called it a racist comment and compared Sherrod to Jimmy the Greek. Sure enough, Brett tried the meeting of minds. The Samoans no sold it and leveled Brett with a stellar double side kick. As Afa climbed to the top, the Boogeyman reappeared at ringside to distract him. Brett shoved Siaki into the ropes to crotch Afa and rolled up Siaki. MVP said there was a conspiracy favoring the Abercrombie & Fitch boys.

Vito entered the ring wearing his new Muay Thai fighting gear. The crowd chanted his name. Brooke Adams asked him about the new look. Vito said in 2006, he proved he was the toughest man to ever wear a dress. “I got ‘em cast iron.” But he was tired of his opponents taking advantage of the dress and it was time for change in 2007.

“You wanna fight man-to-man? Vito is back. The Staten Island Express is going to run all over your face.”

Luscious was backstage with O’Reilly. Somebody forgot to clue O’Reilly in about Vito’s new gimmick. We just heard the dress was history, and here was O’Reilly talking about the champion wearing a dress. O’Reilly said that money and titles were the most important things in wrestling (in that order) and it had been too long since he had the DSW championship.

O’Reilly never made it to the ring. Jay left him facedown at ringside with a chairshot from behind. Jay demanded O’Reilly’s spot. Vito motioned for Jay to bring it.

(4) Vito beat Bradley Jay via DQ to retain the DSW Heavyweight Title at 5:43 when O’Reilly interfered. Jay tried to trade strikes, but Vito blitzed him with knees and kicks. Vito scored a one count with a kick to the face. Vito went for the cross armbreaker, but Jay hooked the ropes with his foot. Cut to a shot of ref Rob Russo helping O’Reilly to the back. Jay rammed Vito’s head into the turnbuckle and tried to shake off the damage to his arm. Jay drilled Vito with a corner lariat. Vito rallied with a slam and a diving headbutt for a near fall. Jay went to the eyes and unleashed a relentless brawling attack laced with wicked elbow strikes. Vito kept kicking out of Jay’s pin attempts. The crowd got behind Vito. Both men down after midring collision. Vito made the comeback. Vito connected with a sidekick and played to the crowd. Jay cut Vito off with headbutt to the solar plexus. Jay went right to the Second City Slam, but O’Reilly attacked before he could make the pin.

The fight between O’Reilly and Jay spilled to ringside. Ref Scrappy McGowan called for the help. The entire dressing room came out in an attempt to separate the combatants. It took a couple of minutes to get them pried apart. The closing shot showed Vito still in the ring with the crowd chanting his name.

The Inside Pulse
A good story advancement show. I liked the way Boogeyman was used, as in not wrestling. The confrontation between Boogeyman and Deacon was like a 50’s schlock horror film come to life. It’s so great to see the Knox back to his crazed and unpredictable self. Elite are getting cheered despite working a heel style. I see a DSW title run in their future. With the improved physique and the short bleached blonde hair, Fantastic looks like Dick Murdoch without the beer belly. He’s much improved from a year ago. Vaine vs. Williams was a good brawl. Vaine has turned up her intensity level several notches. Williams’ gradual face turn has been a good story. Like the Elite, she didn’t change her inring style, but Vaine’s continual efforts to undermine her cemented Williams into the underdog position. The Samoans team was a no brainer, and Afa is going to benefit greatly from being paired with a cagey veteran like Siaki. Good story unfolding here as well with Perez. Majors are consistently having good matches, but they’re treading water in terms of the character development. Jay and Vito had a good brawl, as O’Reilly’s title quest was derailed once again. It’s too early to pass judgment, but Vito’s MMA gimmick didn’t strike me as something that would be pushed on the main roster. Most of Vito’s stuff looked good but he’s no Tajiri. I wonder how the Majors felt about Vito referring to himself the Staten Island Express? Jay is getting over as a heel, and so it should be with the way he’s been booked since winning the title. MVP’s commentary was a breath of fresh air and one of the high points of the show. He was funny for sure, but he also got the talent over. He and Sherrod did a good job of highlighting the story developments from the February 1 episode that did not air. The air date is now back to running only 10 days behind the taping date. This week’s dark matches: Fantastic beat Brian Cage, G-Rilla beat “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne, Henry Godwinn & Ray Gordy beat Keith Samson Walker & Johnny Curtis, Robert Anthony & Bob Hopkins beat the Headliners (Shawn Schulz & Chris Thomas aka Chris Michaels).