Victory Records announces groundbreaking digital media player

CHICAGO, ILL. — Victory Records, Inc., the top independent rock label in the United States, announces the beta release of VictorStream, the first, proprietary, record label focused digital media player.

“VictorStream epitomizes and encapsulates Victory’s history of being on the forefront of virally motivated, direct to consumer marketing and promotion. We are constantly seeking out new ways to showcase our fantastic artists by continually embracing and pushing the boundaries of new technology. Victory is much more than a record company. We are a lifestyle company and brand that relies on strong interactivity with the people that support the company and its artists,” said Tony Brummel, Founder of Victory Records. “VictorStream marries our proprietary programming and social networking outlets, VicTorV ( and VictorME (, consolidating, showcasing and efficiently delivering the entire Victory experience.”

VictorStream is free and offers the following features:

– Ability to post the player on almost any Web site, social networking page or blog (that supports the Macromedia flash platform)

– Seamless, clean, fully interactive and easy to navigate

– Links to VicTorV, Victory’s bi-monthly, in-house produced, hosted music program

– Links to Victory’s web store (which includes music, merchandise and mobile content)

– Integration with, Victory’s online social networking community

– Personalized, interactive E-cards for the artist being played at the time

– Plays music and video, with an artist picture gallery available if just music is playing

– News, concert information and updates via an automated information stream

– Integrated mailing list sign-up

– Universally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

One of VictorStream’s key features is the sharing component that permits any user to copy code integrating the player on any Web site, social networking page (,,, etc.) or blog (,, etc.). This makes VictorStream a fun, community-driven and interactive platform for discovering new and established artists while connecting with others through music. The playlist, images and programming will be frequently changing, keeping the player and overall experience fresh and captivating. Version 1.0 will see the introduction of exclusive VictorStream only content complimenting additional exclusive content available only at our other properties VicTorV and VictorME.

“As a record company there are a lot of traditional ways to market and promote music. As an independent record company we need to continually take our guerrilla-like approach to the next level by excelling at non-traditional methods of getting real music fans excited about the music we represent,” says Brummel.

VictorStream can be accessed free of charge at

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