Make Movement: The Right Pacing


RAW last night was enjoyable, even though it was leaked before that Bobby Lashley would be Trump’s pick against the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. I enjoyed the build-up heat and I think they are handling this, and a lot of their story lines right now, with the right pacing. Ironic that they have two wrestlers in a big time feud, where neither are giving the mic to talk for their own angles. Trump and McMahon will be carrying this angle by their gifts of gab, though I’m disappointed that Estrada looks like another side item or background character, instead of being the spokesman for Umaga as he should be. I also found that new reality camera used during the table brawling to be a different approach to filming the WWE, dubbed at my house as the “Dizzy Cam.” We’ll see if they keep experimenting with it. I’m also looking forward to the announcement of Austin as the Special Guest Referee. I think he will bring yet another dynamic to the angle and the hope that he will stun both Trump and McMahon at WrestleMania would be a gold moment for years to come.

I’m also enjoying the dynamic buildup between Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Edge and Randy Orton. When the WWE writers allows their characters to be clever, it makes for a very fun show. WWE should bring up past histories more often, even if it means the skewed version according to the heel to cause tension between the two faces. I think every person in this storyline is benefiting greatly, especially Randy Orton who is improving more each time he is on television. WWE booking made a good call with the Eddy Guerrero like finish, without losing the possibility of Michaels still superkicking Cena. The storyline continues forward, and I do hope this will add dynamic to Cena’s character in the form of a heel turn. Until then, he’s still the Hulk Hogan of this era in terms of blind popularity.

Melina unfortunately seems to be the pick to stay WWE Women’s Champion against Ashley, since Ashley’s the WWE publicity diva thanks to Playboy. I’m less than thrilled with this, despite Melina being a good heel character. I still hope that Mickie James gets to work WrestleMania, because I can’t expect a quality match between Melina and Ashley. I would love to be surprised, but I’m not expecting a quality match. I am looking forward to next week’s Falls Count Anyway with Melina and Mickie James. This also will continue the tension between explosive Johnny Nitro and Melina, who are teasing a current rift. I like the explosive Nitro and I wonder what this will mean for his character, who has been backtracked the most this year in terms of pushing then de-pushing.

I’m intrigued by the Money in the Bank qualifying matches and am disappointed that Shelton Benjamin won’t be involved in it this year since he has been apart of the highlight reel of past Money in the Bank matches. I thought the energy was great despite Benjamin’s scary slip on the top rope. I would like to see Hardy win it all, because of his stable popularity and lack of IC Title now.

The announcement of Jerry Lawler as the next inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame was a great move. I can only guess that JR will do the honors and induct his friend, though, I find it sad that JR isn’t mentioned as a inductee this year. I know Lawler has contributed greatly in his career as a wrestler and enjoyable color commentator, but JR deserves to be inducted as well for his lifetime contributions to the sport as a good play by play announcer/storyteller.

The only disappointment to me was the Kenny Dykstra and Carlito match. I’m bored with this unless Flair inserts himself into this angle in a major way, wrestling both in a three way dance, which somehow will lead to either Flair turning on Carlito, Carlito turning on Flair or Flair joining Dykstra and beating them all. No matter what, Dykstra has the ugliest tights I have seen in wrestling in a long, long time.

Finally, for those of you who missed it, check out the interview our own Pulse Glazer conducted with former Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion Roderick Strong.

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