Heat Spoilers for March 2, 2007

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Following are the Heat taping results from from Fresno, CA, according to Pro Wrestling Insider:

Hacksaw Jim Dugan vs. Bradley

Everyone was cheering for Hacksaw and booing when Bradley got any offense in. It was a good match. Hacksaw got the win by a roll up.

Eugene vs. Tim Jones

Eugene got a big pop when he came out and during the match as well. Eugene hit the big boot and was about hit the leg drop when Tim Jones got up. Eugene instead won via a Stone Cold Stunner.

The Highlanders vs. ???

I didn’t catch the names of the tag team. Highlanders won. That’s all I remember from the match.

Val Venis vs. Charlie Haas

Val received a nice pop when he came out. The match started slow, with Haas working over Val’s leg/knee, which received frequent “Boring” chants. Val won with a Money Shot yet no one seem to care.

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. Cryme Tyme

I was surprised that everyone was really into Cryme Tyme. Cade and Murdoch got in the early offense before Crime Time made their comeback and won the match.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Insider

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