Trailer And Poster For Sunshine

Credit: Bloody-Disgusting

It’s the middle of the 21st century and the sun is dying. An unstable storm is growing larger in the center of the sun rendering it useless. And as the sun fades more and more, Earth begins to freeze and die along with it. The only hope is for a team of eight astronauts to head to the sun and detonate a device that will revitalize the sun. It’s a very dangerous mission, but as they get further into space a new danger arises. Something they never expected. And they have no idea what it is or how they’ll survive.

From the director of Trainspotting and 28 Days Later comes the space thriller Sunshine starring Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Rose Byrne, and many more.

Click here to check out the trailer.

The film is scheduled for release on March 16.