Deep South Wrestling TV Report for February 25, 2007

Deep South Wrestling TV Report
Airing February 25, 2007 on CSS
Taped on February 15, 2007 at the Deep South Arena in McDonough, Ga

Nigel Sherrod recapped the results of last week’s episode. They aired brief clips showing Team Elite getting another win with the Last Breath, Krissy Vaine mixing it up with Angel Williams and Majors Brothers retaining the tag titles when Boogeyman showed up to distract Samoan Fight Club. Ryan O’Riley was scheduled to get a shot at MMA makeover Vito and his DSW Heavyweight Title in the main event, but Bradley Jay whacked O’Riley with a chair and took his spot in the match. O’Riley returned to spoil Jay’s chance to win leading to pull apart brawl between the two top contenders. Sherrod said Nick Patrick would be joining him on commentary for this week’s show.

Cut to the State of DSW Address by GM Krissy Vaine. She announced the suspension of Jay and her Executive Troubleshooter, O’Riley due to the deplorable conduct they exhibited on her television show last week. The fans booed and chanted “Angel.” Vaine said she knew it wouldn’t be a popular decision, but she was popular in high school and she didn’t need to liked by the fans. Vaine said that after reviewing the records, she was awarding the title shot at Vito to Sonny Siaki. Patrick questioned the selection since Siaki’s wins were mostly in tag matches.

Backstage, Luscious asked a scowling Keith Walker what he was going to do to climb the ladder. Walker said mad minds create mad thoughts which create fits of rage. Walker threatened to take out anyone that entered his path of destruction “man, woman or child and that includes you, little lady.”

“Anyone who gets in my way, beware, because you never know when I’m going to SNAAAP!” –Keith Walker.

(1) Keith Walker defeated Scott Fantastic in 4:48. The 290 pound Walker came out with a black towel over his head ala Tazz. Patrick said Walker was a poster boy for road rage. Sherrod added that Walker was kicked out of the Arena football league prior to becoming a pro wrestler. Walker put on an impressive display of power here. Walker cheated on the break and opened up his attack, focusing on the back of Fantastic. Walker appeared to be toying with his opponent. Walker cut off one comeback attempt with a reverse elbow and another with an eye gouge. Walker dropped an elbow and made a nonchalant cover. Fantastic escaped from a back suplex and fired back with strikes, but Walker ducked a spinning heel kick and speared the bejeezus out of him. Patrick said Walker could win on a 10 count right there. Walker picked Fantastic up and finished him with a spinning uranage from a bodyslam position.

G-Rilla and Freakin’ Deacon were backstage with Willow, the tarantula. Deacon said somebody had stolen Willow’s tube socks, and he suspected that Bolen and Osbourne were the culprits. (How’s that for motivation?) Among other things, G-Rilla compared his alliance with Deacon to a collision of tectonic plates and women with big rumps dancing in a club on Friday night.

(2) Freakin’ Deacon & G-Rilla beat “The Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne & Jon Bolen in 4:08. Deacon and G-Rilla easily got the loudest entrance pop of the show. Sherrod said Osborne and Bolen (making their television debut after being transferred from OVW) had their work cut out for them. Osborne took a rude crash landing on his shoulder from a G-Rilla power toss. Deacon gave Bolen a body slam and tagged out by licking G-Rilla’s hand. G-Rilla followed with giant elbow drop. Osborne raked Deacon’s eyes. The heels trapped Deacon in the corner and worked him over, but they couldn’t get the big man off his feet. Deacon worked his way across the ring where G-Rilla made a blind tag. Deacon hit the Deacon Bomb on Bolen. G-Rilla then bounced off the ropes and pinned Bolen with a 400 pound splash.

The next segment showed the Bag Lady makeover. Vaine was wearing latex gloves for the event. She forced Bag Lady to take shower and comb her hair. The end result looked amazingly like Melissa Coates. I would recognize those boobs anywhere. Vaine said it was time to show her off to the world, but when she opened the door, there stood the Boogeyman. The women went into hysterics. Vaine slammed the door in Boogeyman’s face. Cut to Boogeyman clawing at the door and foaming at the mouth while he sang “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Brooke Adams asked Team Elite about their title match against Majors Brothers. Derrick Neikirk said the Majors got lucky because they came into DSW when Elite were on hiatus. Knox interjected that they were fighting. Neikirk said the Majors’ title reign was over. Knox said he wouldn’t lose any sleep about what was about to take place. Knox said Elite hadn’t gotten a shot at the tag titles in 7 months, titles that they had never held. Knox said the people had forgotten what he was. He snarled at Adams.

Cut to the ultra confident Majors Brothers. Brian said when they were the new guys in town, the Elite were the top dogs. But they left, Majors won the titles, and Elite couldn’t just waltz in there. Brett admitted they that used look up to the Elite and even fear them, but not anymore.

We’re brothers. We were born as a team and we’re going to die as a team. And right here, these are Deep South tag team titles, something you’ve never had. And tonight, we’re going to prove to you why we’re the Majors, and why we are the saviors of tag team wrestling.

(3) The Major Brothers (Brian & Brett) retained the DSW tag titles over Team Elite (Derrick Neikirk & Mike Knox) via DQ when Knox put Brett through a table with a top rope leg drop (9:10). Elite got a bigger pop than Majors. Patrick said the champions were the underdogs in the match. Majors kept a fresh man in working on the arm of Knox in the early going. At 2:00, Neikirk snapped the neck of an unsuspecting Brett off the top rope. Elite followed with the stiffest, bestest double chop in the history of DSW. Brett was left in a quivering heap on the mat. The destruction was on. Knox did his high speed running legdrop for a near fall. Elite then hit an innovative backbreaker/neckbreaker combo. Niekirk got two with a solo backbreaker. Knox got another two count with a slingshot senton. Patrick pointed out that Niekirk was using multiple covers to wear down his opponent. The assault continued with a flying kneedrop by Knox, but Brett kicked out again. Brett was taken down by Neikirk as he tried to fight his way out of the Elite’s corner. Knox pulled out a table and set it up at ringside. He tried to toss Brett over the top onto the table, but Brett put on the brakes. The Elite went for the Last Breath, but Brett countered by jamming Knox’s face into the mat with a bulldog. Hot tag. Brian was on fire. Knox clung to the ropes to avoid taking a Nestea plunge through the table. Neikirk save his partner with a roll up on Brian for a two count. Majors tried for the Long Island Express. Knox broke it up, causing Brett to take a bump off the top. Knox smoked Brian a javelin toss into the post. Neikirk laid Brett out on the table. Knox put him through with a legdrop off the middle rope. Bullseye. Brett lay motionless in the wreckage. Patrick said the Elite lost their cool and just wanted to hurt someone. Elite were grinning from ear to ear. Knox said he was ECW and would do what ever he wanted.

Earlier today Siaki commented on Vito as the Samoan Fight Club arrived at the building.

A man who wears a dress and now a Muay Thai kickboxer? What are you, confused, boy? Let me tell you what’s going down tonight. You got 250 pounds of Samoan power coming after the Deep South Heavyweight Title. You bring your dress. You bring your kickboxing gear. You bring Staten Island. Heck, you bring all of New York. Because tonight, Siaki is going to be running all over your face.

Adams was backstage with Vito. He said Siaki was in for the fight of his life. Vito said he used that beautiful dress to experience life, but he people began to take advantage of it and his kind heart.

So now, Sonny Siaki, you get to fight Vito from the old neighborhood. The way he is, all man. You’re gonna like this new outfit, and you’re gonna like the new Vito, cuz it’s only going to prove one point. I’m the DSW Heavyweight Champion and I’m here to kick your face in. Got it? Good.

(4) Vito beat Siaki to retain the DSW Heavyweight Title with the Code of Silence at 6:53. Siaki was wary of Vito’s fighting stance, but he stopped Vito in his tracks with a sneaky shot to the gut, and it was Siaki doing damage with big strikes. Vito fired back and hit a diving headbutt to the Siaki’s shoulder. Afa provided the distraction, and Siaki blindsided Vito with a dropkick sending him through the ropes. Vito went down clutching at his arm. Siaki methodically dissected the arm. Vito tried to fight up from the bottom, and Siaki cut him with down with a karate thrust to the throat. The crowd got behind Vito, and it was comeback time. Vito nailed Siaki with a barrage of kicks and knees. Siaki went down on a savate kick that didn’t really connect. Vito covered for two. Siaki came right back with a powerslam for a near fall. Siaki used a back chop and a low dropkick to the face to setup a splash, but Vito kicked out again. Vito caught Siaki with his fireman’s carry drop and applied an armbar submission, and Siaki got a foot over the ropes. Siaki grabbed Afa’s beaded necklace. Vito ducked Siaki’s attempt to brain him with the necklace and hit the implant DDT for the pin. Vito made a beeline for the top of the bleachers. Referee Scrappy McGowan had climbed up there to raise Vito’s hand and return the title belt. The show once again closed with Vito raising the belt over his head.

The Inside Pulse
One of the things that sucks about the wrestling of today is that there is apparently no place at the top level for a tag team unit like Team Elite. They would have fared far better in the territory days. TNA could take lessons from Deep South in how to do long slow builds and keep gimmick matches and crazy spots to a minimum, so that when they are used, they are memorable and meaningful. After 18 months of running weekly, more than 75 shows in all, the table spot on this show was the first one in DSW history. They’ve only done blood one blood angle (DeMott/Gymini) in all that time as well. In any case, Team Elite/Majors was good stuff. Elite opened up a first class can of whoop ass, and Brett sold it bigtime. They let the camera linger on the aftermath of the table spot to heighten the impact. The Walker match and promo did a job of establishing his ruthless powerhouse persona. He maybe a bit dry at times, but Patrick lends credibility to the commentary and he’s good with highlighting aspects of the storyline. The heat on Vaine is building to a crescendo. It’s been a very well done storyline. Kudos to whoever came up with Vaine wearing latex gloves when she had to come in contact with the Bag Lady. Once again, they got mileage out of Boogeyman’s presence without putting him in a match. The fans have a soft spot, either in their hearts or their heads depending on your viewpoint, for the antics of Deacon and G-Rilla. Osborne and Bolen did fine selling for the monsters. Bolen striked me as a bargain basement version of Johnny Nitro. For the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone would suggest letting G-Rilla wrestle without a singlet. Having those man boobs out there for all the world to see makes him look like just another indie guy. Siaki cut a great promo and Vito’s wasn’t bad. Still, the kickboxer get up looks only slightly less ridiculous on Vito than the dress. Match featured some good striking and if anything, Siaki’s looked better than Vito’s. This week’s dark matches: Heath Miller beat Frankie Coverdale, Robert Anthony & Johnny Curtis beat The Headliners (Shawn Schultz & Chris Michaels), Bob “The Rebel” Hopkins pinned Jason Jones, Ray Gordy over Brian Cage.