Vacancy Trailer Now Online

Credit: Yahoo Movies

Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale are out on the road and just happen to be in the middle of nowhere when their car decides to go belly-up on them. Simply trying to find somewhere to while their car is being fixed, they rent a room at a seedy little hotel but at least it’s better than nothing. Once in their room, they find some videotapes and decide to pop one in for fun thinking it’s nothing more then a little adult entertainment.

The video is certainly adult entertainment, but is more of a snuff film then anything sexy. While viewing the first video, they come to the conclusion that the violent acts they are seeing were filmed in the very room they now occupy. Looking around quickly, they find hidden cameras and decide to get the hell out of there. Only it’s too late and the locals plan to make them the stars of their next tape.

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Vacancy is scheduled for release on April 20.