MTV Mix – Volume 31

If one week of MTV action wasn’t enough for you, then you are in luck. This week I cover the last two weeks of MTV action “After Dark”. That’s double-stuffed editions of 10 shows on MTV! That’s 20 reviews of all your favorites. Can you handle that much MTV? I know I can, and not just because I have to because I want to. So lets get to it with another “special” edition of the Mix…



I’m From Rolling Stone

Last week, Krishtine gives out several hip-hop/reggae story ideas to Joe and the other head editors. They really don’t like any of them. They don’t think there is enough there for a story. Krishtine thinks about giving the ideas to other publications.

Joe tells everyone to write a pitch to go to Lollapalooza. The best two will get to go to that festival and cover it. Everyone does it, except Russell. He says he keeps “droppin’ the ball”. He just wanted to sleep. Now he regrets that decision, though. Joe again talks to Russell about this. Joe wants Russell to “surprise him”. Joe wants Russell to show him that he is ready to do this job and able to do it. Again Russell says that he doesn’t think he can succeed.

Krishtine is still whining about not getting equal opportunities to succeed in her desired field. Joe tells her that she has to prove to him and herself that she can work outside of her “comfort zone”. She does get to go a listening party for Snoop Dogg’s new album. That’s definitely in her “comfort zone”. The only problem is that Krishtine didn’t ask Joe to write anything about that. Joe was impressed by her, though, and gives her the Snoop Dogg album preview gig.

Peter and Colin are chosen to go to Lollapalooza. Speaking of Peter, he finally gets an article published. It was the “Band of Horses” article he had been working on for a month. They get to interview the founder of the festival, Perry Farrell. He is also the lead singer for Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros. Peter is covering the bands Wolfmother along with 29 other bands in 3 days. Colin is covering someone called the “Ice Cream Man”. Apparently he writes reviews of bands across the country AND sells ice cream along the way as well. Basically, Colin is just having fun. He gets to dance on stage with The Flaming Lips in a santa costume.

The editors meet to discuss the work of Peter and Colin from Lollapalooza. Basically, they agree that Colin is “too young and inexperienced” as he was more into having fun than being professional. They liked Peter’s work, though. Krishtine interviews Snoop Dogg over the phone. He likes Krish so much that he wants to set up another interview with the magazine that she has back in California. Her article with Snoop Doog appeared in the September 2006 issue of Rolling Stone. Pete did 8 articles on Lollapalooza on Colin only did 1.

This week, time is running out. The writers have three weeks until they are done with Rolling Stone magazine. Who will win the job at the end of those three weeks? Krishtine just got her first article published, while Russell has been in a slump. Joe meets with the writers to discuss their next articles.

Russell is supposed to finish his Lupe Fiasco article. Lupe’s manager makes it a point to not ask him any personal questions during the interview. Russell then interviews Lupe over the phone and asks him a question about black Muslims being terrorists or something like that, since Lupe is a Muslim. You can tell that Lupe got mad at being asked that question. As a result, Russell gets kicked off the story by Lupe. He wants another writer. Russell is pissed.

Krystal has a story with Brooke Hogan about her “grill”. Her article is going to be a “blog piece” for the website. It gets posted on, but it’s posted under her real name, Krystal Simpson. Apparently Krystal doesn’t like that last name. She chose a new last name for herself awhile back. She is Kystal Jagger. That’s dumb and Joe calls her out on it. Krystal cries about this. She wants to be a Jagger and not a Simpson. She decides to go shopping to release stress.

Krishtine wants to talk about a new artist, who just signed with Bad Boy Records. Her name is Cassie, and apparently her MySpace is #1. Krish interviews her over the phone. Krishtine’s article gets edited after her initial writing. According to her, it got “dumbed down”. She is not happy. She then tells the editors that they messed up. Tika tries to make sense to Krish. That story eventually gets fixed and posted in the magazine. Krishtine then goes and covers another story in the same week. She goes to a DMX concert and interviews him. That story was well received by everyone, so it was in the magazine as well.

Here is my scorecard for the writers so far. I don’t like Krishtine, becase she only wants to do stories in her “comfort zone”. She is improving, but still. I don’t like Krystal, since the “name” thing is stupid and she is not that experienced. Same for Colin. A little too young. Peter is too inexperienced for me as well. I would like to see Russell win the job as he has the most talent, but I don’t know if he will since he doesn’t seem to care a lot of times. So that just comes down to Tika. She would be the best choice, in my opinion. We still have a few more weeks to go, though.


The Hills

Last week, Heidi has given Spencer another chance. Lauren doesn’t like Spencer. Spencer doesn’t really like Lauren “telling” on him. Lauren doesn’t want her friendship with Heidi to be ruined by all of this. Heidi basically avoids sleeping over at their apartment to avoid the fighting about Spencer between herself and Lauren.

Lauren and Audrina become closer friends as a result of Heidi hanging out with Spencer more. Spencer is a total goofball and he’s retarded. He gives Heidi flowers, which Heidi then gives to Lauren as if they were from Spencer. That doesn’t impress Lauren at all. Good comeback from Lauren there. She asks Heidi if Spencer will give those flowers to Audrina the next day, like he did last time. HA! Heidi thought it would be a funny joke, but Lauren is not laughing. Only I am!

For some unknown reason, Heidi thinks it would be a good idea to have a “girl’s night out” with Lauren, Audrina, AND Spencer. Yes, she wants Spencer to hang out in the club with them. Heidi has officially lost her mind. That makes ZERO sense! Anyways they all go to the club. Brody is there as well. Spencer is on another girl, which Audrina sees. She tells Lauren and Lauren tries to get Heidi to leave. I don’t think Heidi saw Spencer with that other girl, though. Spencer drags Lauren out of the club to yell at her about dragging Heidi out to “avoid him”. They have a lame argument with Spencer saying he is concerned about Heidi and Lauren’s relationship. Blah, blah, blah… Lauren gets annoyed, walks away, and leaves WITHOUT Heidi. Heidi stays and consoles Spencer.

Lauren goes to Brody’s condo the next day. Brody wants to know what is going on. Lauren tells him the stuff that Spencer has done. Brody says that Heidi is happy with Spencer, so Lauren should be happy for her. Lauren doesn’t think Heidi should be happy at all, since she is not happy with her “best friend”. She gives the infamous “I watched my best friend cry, because of what your best friend did to her” line to Brody. Brody then runs off and tells Spencer their conversation. Spener acts like a dumbass some more.

Spencer then calls Heidi and wonders if she should still be living with Lauren. Heidi tells Spencer that she is the happiest she has ever been right now. Heidi and Lauren fight it out later. Lauren says she didn’t ask Heidi to choose between her and Spencer, but she has already chosen. Heidi doesn’t think so, though. And Heidi just contradicted herself right there. She says she is not happy like this with Lauren. Yet, she said earlier that she was the happiest she has ever been. Doesn’t make any sense. Lauren tries to compare Spencer with Jason, which is actually not that far off. If Lauren went back to Jason, how would Heidi feel? Heidi is so blind that she can’t see that what Jason did to Lauren will be the same thing Spencer will do to her in due time. Heidi packs up her stuff and leaves the apartment.

This week’s episode was one long DrunkFest! Seriously, no one made any sense in this episode. Still alcohol equals drama and we had that. I will try to make sense of all of the drunken madness.

Lauren tells Audrina that she is trying to be friends with Heidi still, and as long as they don’t talk about Spencer, they are fine. Audrina says that Heidi is going through the same thing with Spencer that she went through with Jordan. Lauren agrees and that was after Heidi said she would never do that again. She would never spend all of her time with a guy again. Yep, Heidi is a hypocrite.

It’s Jen’s birthday. She is Lauren’s and Heidi’s friend. It’s her birthday and her party is where most of the drunken action takes place. Jen wants to go on a double date with Heidi and Spencer. She wants to go out with Brody. What about Lauren? Apparently they are not a couple. Still Lauren likes Brody and both Heidi and Jen know it.

That doesn’t stop Spencer and Heidi from pushing Jen to hook up with Brody. Brody doesn’t seem to mind, though. In fact, Jen, Brody, Spencer, and Heidi all leave the club to go back to Brody’s apartment. Lauren is left with Audrina and the rest, looking for Jen, as Lauren didn’t want to leave Jen on her birthday. Apparently Jen is an old friend of Lauren’s from third grade. Still Jenn hooks up with Brody AFTER she calls Lauren and asks if it would be okay.

Lauren is tired of all of her friends screwing her over. Jen and Heidi are two of her best friends in the world. Audrina and Whitney both agree that Heidi should have stopped it and Jen should have never done it in the first place. Jen says she is sorry afterwards, but Lauren doesn’t believe her. Lauren seems to be blaming everyone BUT Brody. Yes, Spencer and Heidi had a hand in this. Jen did too. But ultimately Brody was there as well. This just proves that Lauren means nothing to Brody.

To finish off the drama here, Lauren and Heidi argue things out. Lauren says that Spencer has “brainwashed” her. She is not the same person. Lauren still wants to be friends with Heidi, but something has to change. Heidi says she is trying to still be friends with Lauren and that means talking about her boyfriend. Good line from Lauren here. “Spencer is a SUCKY person!” The only problem they have is Spencer. So things will never be okay between them with Spencer in the picture. And Lauren is right. If Spencer really loved Heidi, then he wouldn’t hurt her friends like he does. Again, I will point out that it wasn’t all Spencer’s fault. The bottom line is that Lauren should be just as mad at Heidi as Spencer. In fact, she should just end things with Heidi right now. Let her make her own mistakes and have her come crawling back to you. That’s my advice to Lauren.


Last week, it was all about Staci. She wants to be a singer. Her body will give out eventually, so she wants a backup. She heads to the studio to record a song. Later, we talks to the president of a record company. He likes the song, but wants to see more. He wants Staci to shoot a music video for that song.

It’s tight deadline, but Staci gets everyone to help shoot her video. Celestina and Kenny dance in it. Blake is the director, since he has done his DVD. Nolan is on the soundboard. Jersey is there to find the place to shoot the video. The finish the video and send it back to Kenny so he can edit it.

Staci successful gives the video to the president of the record company and he likes it. It was better than he expected. He says he is going to forward it on to his bosses. To thank Jersey and Celestina for their help, she takes them to a gun range to shoot a few rounds of ammo. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Really this was quite the boring episode. It was all about Staci, despite everyone helping her.

This week, Jersey auditions for a Sketchers commercial. The choreographer really likes the way she dances. It’dirty, which is what they are looking for. Meanwhile, the gang takes a “master class” with Britney Spears’ choreographer. That’s where the drama begins.

Nolan seems to have a chip on his shoulder. He gets evicted from his apartment and has to find another one. He also has to deal with his father not liking the fact that he is gay. And, oh yeah, he calls Blake a “bitch”. He really has a problem with Blake. Blake is right, though. Nolan has to room to talk, since he has done nothing really. Still Blake could be a little less “bitchy”.

Time for the next audition. It’s for Omarion’s next video, “Entourage”. Jersey makes the first cut, but Celestina doesn’t. Jersey gets that job as well. The problem is that her national commercial with Sketchers occurs on the same day as the Omarion video shoot. She has to choose which one to do as she can only do one. She picks the national commercial over Omarion.

Blake picks up Jersey and takes her to the Sketchers commercial. They talk about the Nolan thing. Jersey says that once you get to know Blake, you begin to like him. Blake says he is just extremely driven to succeed. Omarion doesn’t take the news, of Jersey missing the video shoot for the commercial, that well. He calls it “unprofessional.

Since Jersey got the big break with the commercial, she goes and buys a new white Mustang. It runs out of gas during the test drive, which is pretty funny. Meanwhile, Celestina helps Nolan find a place to live. She also talks about what happened in class. He just got frustrated at not finding any jobs like the rest of them. So what better why to relieve stress than to dance, dance, dance!


Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge

Last week, we started off by looking at “The Pit” competition. Tori got voted in by the RoadRulers on the RV. The viewers voted Veronica to face her, which doesn’t shock me at all. This is the second time these two have faced off in “The Pit”. They compete in a challenge called “Shuttle Puzzle”. Basically, they “shuttle run” and get some puzzle pieces. Then, they put it together. Tori barely beats Veronica this time, but she is going back on the RV. Veronica is left behind once more.

Before they pick up Tori, Shane and the others read everyone’s blog up on the website. They then meet random people on the streets. My god, do they have to plug everything about the show ON THE SHOW?! This is getting old very fast. I know they do it in other shows, but I don’t think I have seen this much “on-camera” time for “off-camera” events. And this show is not as much “viewer interactive” with the new rules anyways.

Time for the next mission. This mission is called “Extreme Rockclimbing”. They have to climb up some rocks and then back down. If that is not hard enough, they also have to carry bags of rocks equaling 300 lbs. on their backs. They have to split up the weight among teams of two. If they drop off all of the rocks on the top of the mountain in the time limit, they win.

Adam starts off and he is supposed to be “super rock climbing man”. Yet, he is having some severe problems getting up this mountain. Susie is his partner. They struggle, but they deposit the rocks. Shane and Kina are up. Shane and Kina both complete their parts. It’s up to Tori and Dan. Of course, Dan gets stuck on the rocks. But he powers through it and makes it to the top. The finish the mission in 1:54:02. The time limit was 2:00:00, so they win the $10,000!

Time to vote someone into “The Pit”! Cue the evil music. Everyone acts like they love each other. So I guess everyone is going to say the same thing about this. Deliberations suck, we know that. We don’t need three or four people saying the same thing. Now Kina says she will volunteer. Why? The votes online say that she should face either Veronica or Angel. Kina believes she can take Veronica based on their size. So it should be Kina vs. Veronica in “The Pit” this week. That should be fun.

This week, we also started off by looking at “The Pit” competition. Kina got voted in by the RoadRulers on the RV. The viewers voted, surprise, Angel to face her. I don’t know what happened with Veronica, but this probably proves that the votes are rigged and it’s not “viewer’s choice”. Anyways Kina and Angel compete in a challenge called “Scorpion”. They are attached by the wrists and they have to grab these squares that are stuck on each of their backs. It quickly becomes a slapping contest. Whose idea was it to come up with this challenge? It’s a fight waiting to happen. Kina eventually gets the best of Angel. Angel calls Kina a “tranny” afterwards, which makes zero sense. But it goes along with this show. Fake drama and yelling! Apparently Angel thinks Kina is “strong like a man”.

The RV picks Kina back up. Everyone is excited. It’s time to plug the website. Dan and Tori read the blogs and questions from the viewers. Apparently America wants Dan and Tori to hook up. Dan is also proud to be a marine that kills everything.

Time for the next mission. This mission is called “Need For Speed”. I’m making up these mission titles, if you couldn’t tell. They fit, though. The gang has to race these high-performance cars. They train by doing power skids and fast movements. Kina has to learn to use a manual transmission fo the first time. Afterwards, Dan is bummed. One of his friends died in the war. He takes it out on Tori. Tori notices that Dan is changing for the worse. He wants her to leave him the f**k alone.

This mission involves them making laps on this race course. They have to complete a lap in 2 minutes in 20 seconds. They have to complete it together. Adam is out in front. Kina is shaking in the back. Shane is the very back and he has to make it across before the time is up. Everything is good until the final turn. Dan goes spinning out of control. That then causes Shane and Tori to spin out as well. So they fail their first mission! Adam finished under the time limit, by the way. It was Dan’s fault for their loss, though.

Time to vote someone into “The Pit”! Cue the evil music. Dan puts the blame on him. Shane thinks other people could have screwed up if he didn’t. Susie decides to step up and volunteer herself, though. She thinks Dan has a lot of stuff on his mind and he needs to stay another wekk. Adam prays that she doesn’t have to face Angel and lose to her. That would be dreadful!

Bam’s Unholy Union

Last week, there was only 6 weeks left before the big wedding day. Bam and Missy finally have a venue for that wedding. More of the same in this episode. Missy is all serious, while Bam is not.

Missy has lunch with all of her friends and sisters and discusses maid of honor and bridesmaids with them. Meanwhile, Bam buys medieval costumes and armor to protect their wedding from crazed fans.

Bam’s crazy and drunk uncles from jail come to build Bam’s hot tub. Actually they just sit around and drink. Fun little segment here with Bam and friends smashing pumpkins with swords and trampolines in their medieval costumes. Missy even gets in on the action as well. It’s all fun and games until Bam steals her Ugg Boots from her and throws them in the fire. He hated those boots apparently.

Playboy gives Missy a call and they want Bam to be a celebrity photographer. They want him to photograph Missy. Missy is not so sure about that, but agrees.
The theme for the shoot is medieval, of course. Missy is dressed like a wench with knights in the background. She then does one without her top with a skateboard covering her up. Not too shabby actually.

This week, it’s Christmas time! There are 4 weeks until the wedding. Missy takes Bam and Novak to see a house that is all decorated for Christmas. That inspires Bam to decorate their house. Joy. Meanwhile, April has written a cookbook and she is signing books.

Bam and his friends destroy trees and themselves for decorations, while April teaches Missy how to cook. Bam wraps his friend up in lights and rope and hoists him in the air as part of the decorations. Missy and April look for more traditional decorations.

Bam wants a bigger tree inside the house, so he cuts one down from his parents’ backyard. He drags behind his Hummer. Meanwhile, Missy still is learning to cook the Christmas dinner from April. Halfway to the house, Bam loses the tree and causes a major traffic jam! They eventually get it there and April is freaking out.

The 50 foot tree is inside the house and dinner is on the table. That’s the Christmas spirit. Time for presents. Bam planned a whole Christmas parade for all of the families. He also got Missy a big ring. The parade is all fun and games, of course. One float even has a skate ramp. Imagine that. That parade and ring should score some major points for Bam.


Last week, the girlfriends cook for their boyfriends at a BBQ. Charlie, Mark, DeJohn are there with their girlfriends, Kristen, Brittany, and Jamie, respectively. DeJohn does a little grilling with some nagging from his girlfriend, and her mom on the phone. Kristen can’t measure. Mark would rather watch a football game than have Brittany lay on top of him. Hmm…

If Hoover wins this week, it will be Coach Propst’s 100th victory at Hoover. Cheerleading coach, Shane Martin, thinks they should make a banner for him. It is also the last home game at their stadium, so it’s the last time they will cheer for a home game at their home stadium. Savor it says Shane. It’s “Senior Night”.

By the way, it’s Halloween as well. Brandon takes a date named Shannon to a haunted house. Again there is talk of Ross and Brandon needing to build a “relationship” on the field. Brandon drops several balls during practice. Coach Propst warns him that he would be moved to Defensive End in college, if he got to play at all. Brandon gets the phone numbers of other girls. He swears that he is not going out with Shannon, though.

Everyone decides to go the Halloween dance. WARNING! DRAMA AHEAD! Charlie wins the costume contest as Napoleon Dynamite. Then Brittany comes up to Charlie and tells him that Kristen, his girlfriend, is arguing with some dude. Charlie doesn’t like that at all. Charlie wants to stand up for his girlfriend, but can’t fight with that guy on school property. So nothing happens. That is UNTIL Coach Propst drives up to the dance. It’s apparently past curfew. Propst calls Charlie into his office and warns him. No suspension, though.

Time for “Senior Night” and Hoover vs. Oak Mountain! Oak Mountain fumbles the ball on the opening kickoff and Hoover recovers. Brandon makes a one-handed catch out of the endzone, but all of the coaches were impressed. Hoover runs it in for the first touchdown. Hoover forces another fumble and they are dominating to start. “Stomp their butt into the ground!” Ross throw a touchdown pass to Charlie on a 4th and 1 from the 30 yard line. 14-0 for Hoover. Ross then throws a long touchdown pass to Brandon, which impresses Coach Propst again. Hooever wins 42-20, and Propst gets his 100th win!

This week, Charlie is still hiding his bad grades from his parents. If they find them, he will be in even more trouble. It’s also the start of playoffs. Hoover has to play their best football for 5 weeks to win another state championship.

Mark just wants to go deer hunting. Brittany is going to go with him again. That should be fun. Apparently she has already shot one deer. Brittany and her friends try to pick out “cute camo” clothes. Good luck. Mark likes what he sees, though. Mark says that hunting is a way for him to relieve stress and he really likes it when Brittany goes with him actually.

Charlie’s sister is in town. She goes to the University of Alabama. He tells his sister about his report card. She says he better start doing his homework or risk being grounded. He finally has to tell his dad about his grades. He basically tells him to try as hard at school that he does on the field. He has the potential to be better, he just needs to try harder.

It’s game time baby! Hoover vs. Pell City in the first round of the playoffs. They can’t be average or good tonight to move on. They have to be great. Pell City moves right down the field to start, but Hoover intercepts the ball before they can score. DeJohn gets the interception. Hoover scores first with a touchdown pass from Ross. Hoover scores again and again. They make it look easy as they lead 41-0 at Halftime. The end up winning 44-0. There is a guy from Thompson High School running his mouth and talking trash to Hoover from the stands.


There was no wrestling last week. Instead we got a look at a new show called Scarred. Basically this show is nasty! It’s all about kids doing insane stunts and screwing up and getting injured in some way. It is real footage from the kids and the scenes are quite graphic. There is not much to recap about this show, though, so this will probably be the last I talk about it. It’s like Jackass meets E.R. or Nip/Tuck. The name of the show comes from the scars on the bodies of these kids. This is what happens when things go wrong when you do extreme biking, skateboarding, or snowboarding. Papa Roach’s lead singer is the host. They have a song called “Scars”, so you understand why he got that job. Quite a painful show to watch really.

Wrestling Society X

Wrestling is back this week, though. PK’s recap for it is here. Check it out AFTER you finish my column! I see you trying to go now, but you can wait. Still lots of MTV action to come.


The Real World: Denver

Last week, Colie said she was saying goodbye to Corey, her ex-boyfriend from back home, this weekend. He is coming to visit here in Denver and Colie says she won’t see him after that. She wants to date Alex. Of course, that changes from minute-to-minute. The roommates do a little drinking and Alex gets drunks. Drunk Jenn has to help Drunk Alex to his room. That’s bad my friends. Drunk Alex then goes and sleeps in Drunk Colie’s bed. Tyrie doesn’t like that situation one bit. Alex really doesn’t want to meet Corey.

But he is coming, though. Before he gets there, we meet Crazy Brooke. Brooke has a beef with Colie. Colie simply asked her to clean up her dishes. Sure, everyone else has left dishes out everywhere. Brooke just goes off on Colie when she tells her that. Brooke hates Colie and calls her a “bitch”. Colie is not too fond of Brooke either. Honestly, where did that come from? I know it’s all about the editing on these shows, but that was ridiculous.

It just gets crazier from there. Alex has some friends come up from Arizona named Brett and Kerry. Brooke proceeds to tell everyone in the house that she hates Colie. Colie takes the only automatic car to pick up Corey from the airport. Alex, Brooke, and his friends want to go to a water park. Alex simply asks Brooke if she can drive a standard. She replies back “NO” in a bratty voice. Jenn calls her out on it and Brooke gets all pissed about it. Brooke then calls Jenn a “bitch” after Jenn was acting just like Brooke. Then, Jenn calls Brooke a “whore” and Brooke jumps off the deep end. I really wish Jenn would punch Brooke. She’s a hypocrite! Brooke has the line of the night here. “I’m feel like I’m in a house with a bunch of crazy people and they are driving me crazy!” You’re crazy, but not because of them.

Basically, Brooke can’t take what she dishes out. Jenn is going to talk to Brooke about this after she cools down. Stephen is laughing about this whole thing, which is pretty funny. Brooke says “this is not over, it’s just begun!” Now lets meet Corey. Colie jumps on him. And again we have another hypocrite. She is kissing him and holding his hand. This whole house is retarded. Jenn and Alex are there for lunch with Colie and Corey. Since Colie is all over Corey, Jenn and Alex get drunk and get all over each other. YES! That’s the way to be! Drunk Jenn and Drunk Alex make out at the bar, while Sober Colie and Sober Corey make out. Sober Colie catches them. And here we go..Colie actually calls Jenn a “hypocrite”, since she only says she likes Alex when she is drunk. True, but WOW! Everyone is a hypocrite!!

This week, we picked up right where we left off last time. Sex, sex, and more sex. Colie and Corey have sex. Alex and Jenn are drunk and have sex as well. Jenn stops caring what Colie thinks, since she seems to be having a boyfriend now. At least for the moment anyways.

Alex knows he shouldn’t be doing this, but he does it anyways. Him and Jenn go “play” in the shower. Tyrie doesn’t like this whole situation. Colie is not jealous now, since Corey is here but what happens when he leaves? FYI, Brooke still hates Colie.

Colie continues to call Jenn a hypocrite, because she drinks and likes Alex but when she is sober she doesn’t like him. She discusses this with Corey. They talk about their relationship. Colie seems to want to continue to see Corey. But Corey knows that she is doing her own thing here, and he is doing his own thing back at home.

Colie once again proves that she is a hypocrite as well. As soon as Corey leaves, she gets drunk and is all over Alex. Alex is having none of it, though. Before this, Tyrie tries to tell Colie that she and Alex being together is not a good idea. He thinks Colie should let it go and move on. But alcohol trumps everything and there Colie is. She goes from trying to get with Alex and wanting to be with him to calling Corey on the phone and wanting to ONLY be with him.

The best part of this episode was Brooke doing the Electric Slide. Everything else was “paint-by-numbers”. You could have missed this episode and known what happened. This show is becoming predictable. Hopefully we will get another Brooke freakout in the next episode. Those are ALWAYS fun.

Maui Fever

I missed last week’s episode for some reason and, of course, MTV won’t replay that episode. Any other time they would replay it the same night and then twice the next day. Then it would be aired again over the weekend and then once more before the next episode. BUT this time it seems that MTV is not airing it again as this coming week’s episode is the next one to air. I’m sure I will catch it sometime, though.

This week, I play catch up. I will briefly sum what happened last week from what I can gather. For some reason, Cheyne wanted to get back with Rachael after breaking up with her two weeks ago and hooking up with his ex-girlfriend, Anna. So it seems that he called Anna and told her that he wanted nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, Chaunte made out with one of Anthony’s “good” friends, Bryce. Anthony broke down the door to catch them. Now to this week’s drama.

Cheyne and Rachael talk about getting back together. Rachael agrees, but won’t trust him for awhile. Then, she says that she is moving out of her parents’ house. Cheyne thinks she should move in with him. This shocks Anna and Chaunte, since a few weeks back Cheyne said he wouldn’t be marrying this girl.

Anna tries to apologize to Rachael, but she has none of it. Anna then tries to talk to Cheyne, but he doesn’t think that would be a good idea. He can’t talk to Anna, because he’s now “whipped” by Rachael.

Meanwhile, Bryce and Chaunte flirt in front of Anthony and Cheyna at the beach. That’s after Anthony talks to Chaunte and says he was totally shocked that Chaunte would do that to him, especially with a best friend of his. She doesn’t seem to care. Cheyne steps in to defend Anthony. He tries to talk sense into Bryce, but Bryce goes and tells Chaunte what Cheyne said. In the end, Anthony makes the decision to move away from Maui. He’s going to another part of Hawaii to get away from all of this drama. Chaunte doesn’t seem happy about this for some reason, but that’s how she is. Good move on Anthony’s part. So bye to all of this drama!



I will keep it simple for these last two episodes. I will tell you the two juvenile delinquents featured on each episode. I will tell you their story, why they are there, etc. Then, I will tell you the verdict from the judge. And finish off by telling you what happened to them after the show. So here we go.

Last week’s episode featured a girl named Kashmiere. She is 17 and was arrested for shoplifting. Basically, she stole stuff from her work. Her friend bought all of this stuff and Kashmiere simply didn’t scan it. So she let her friend steal all of this stuff. She doesn’t have a good relationship with her mom. Her mom doesn’t even think she can attend the court hearing.

There was another girl named Frankie in this episode. She is 13. She spends her weekends at the detention center. This is unique. She got sentenced there, because she stole some money from school that was supposed to be for a fundraiser. Basically, she ended up with the stolen money and someone turned her in.

It’s judgement day for Kashmiere. Her mom does attend the hearing. She wants to become a nurse when she grows up and wants to go home. The judge says that if she this crime in a year, she would have been in jail for years as an adult. Kasmiere said it was a mistake, though. Then her mom gets onto the stand and that’s when the trouble begins. She basically tells the judge that Kashmiere is a bad kid. She is not in school either. So the judge has no choice, but to keep Kashmiere in the juvie hall until she can go back to school.

After two weeks, Kashmiere gets released from juvie. She was on house arrest for two more weeks and had to repay the money she stole from the store. She is now living in Illinois with her grandmother. Frankie finished her time at juvie and has since been placed in a residential treatment facility. She eventually improved her attitude and made the honor roll.

This week’s episode featured a couple of sisters named Jasmine and Jacinta. Jasmine is 17 and is 16. They got into a fight at school. Apparently some girls jumped their cousin. Jasmine’s sister, Jacinta, got into a fight with one of the girls . They both had weapons. Jasmine jumped in to protect her sister and she got locked up as a result. Oh, she apparently stabbed the girl that was on Jacinta.

It also featured a boy named RJ. He is 16 and has been here before. He apparently took a lot of Xanax pills and then broke into someone’s house. He doesn’t remember that at all. He is still drugged out when he gets to juvie hall. He stole the pills from his mom.

It’s judgement day for RJ first. RJ realizes that this is not the place for him. He says he wants to get off drugs and go back to school. However, the judge doesn’t think that leaving juvie is the best place for him. He has to stay there a little while longer. He eventualy gets released, though. Time for Jacinta and Jasmine now. After a LONG time to think about things, the judge releases the girls to the custody of their mother.

Jasmine and Jacinta were sentenced to community service. Since they fell so much behind in school, they became homeschooled and plan to get their diplomas this year. RJ was transferred to an Independent Living Program after 5 months in juvie hall. He has been successful in rehab and is working towards his GED and college.

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