The Nolan Gate – Ocean Lord Review

Fans of Helmet, Fugazi, and/or the Melvins, come together now and enjoy the hi/lo-fi of The Nolan Gate. Grinding through twelve tracks of sludgy groove metal is their album Ocean Lord. Guitarist/vocalist Paul Andress hails recall that of Ian Mackaye, but put them crying over some Buzz Osborne sludgery, and it’s beautiful mud.

There isn’t much about The Nolan Gate on the Internet, aside from a brief mention on the current record label, a semi-neglected website, and a MySpace page (which erroneously labels them as “screamo”). But from the impression given from the latter, they really don’t seem to care too much about making an e-impression. For this style of music, that works for them. Songs such as “On the Ground”, “Pain Amplifier” and the title track would be expected to be heard in the underground scenes. What surprised me the most is that they are from New Jersey, and not from California or Washington, DC, where this genre thrives.

The mix isn’t the greatest (very guitar heavy and buried vocals), but that was never the point. You want post-punk rebellion-core for your nostalgia fits, or just to support the little guy, Ocean Lord is one for the obscure collection.

Website: The Nolan Gate

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