Ring of Honor Results: 3/3 and 3/4 in Liverpool and NOAH Results 3/4 Budokan Hall

Ring of Honor 3/3 in Liverpool

Match 1: Homicide defeated Davey Richards with the Cop Killa

This was said to be a huge opener with both men going all out and hitting all their big spots. Sounds like one of the hottest ROH openers in a good while.

Match 2: Sara Del Ray defeats Allison Danger with a Cradle Suplex

A heatless match, but supposedly well put together. After a hot opener, this is basically put out there to die.

Match 3: Jimmy Rave and Jimmy Jacobs defeat Colt Cabana and BJ Whitmer when Jacobs hit a Contra Code on Whitmer

This was a big wild brawl that turned into a good tag formula match. All reports have Colt being a huge star here, looking great and selling the importance of the match. Injecting Rave into the feud is a nice touch too.

Match 4: Matt Sydal beat Delirious in a 2/3 falls match, 2 falls to 1

The final fall was Sydal with a top rope belly to belly suplex, the Cyclorama. Sydal really heeled it up here and it looks like the full turn is imminent. Delirious came off strong and is as over as can be with every crowd. This rivalry is just top notch.

Match 5: Roderick Strong defeated Pac with a Gibson Driver to retain the FIP Title

Strong came off looking great here and he and Pac put together a very well worked match. Pac, for those who don’t know, is the premier high flier in Britain. Strong really showed how far he’s come and worked a heel, using far less backbreakers and chops than he generally would.

Naruki Doi and Shingo defeat Jay and Mark Briscoe to win the ROH Tag Team Titles

A huge, shocking upset as the Briscoes looked to be absolute monsters with the belts. Doi and Shingo wining give Dragon Gate and NOAH control of the two major ROH belts. This was said to be a great spotfest and that’s easy to believe. If Doi and Shingo escape tomorrow’s show with the belts, the rematch is at Wrestlemania weekend. Jay and Mark agree to match up tomorrow to toughen each other up.

Samoa Joe defeats Nigel McGuinness with the Choke

Joe was absurdly over here, even getting far more love from the crowd than the hometown boy, Nigel. They worked a great match, with Joe finally knocking out Nigel with a Muscle Buster on the apron. Joe then went heel and talked down to Nigel until he continued. Joe then hit another Muscle Buster, but Nigel escaped, putting him over huge. The Choke finished for Joe who regained the crowd’s love with his post match speech.

Ring of Honor 3/4 in Liverpool

Pre-show there was a brawl between Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer.

Match 1: Delirious beat Colt Cabana with a roll up

This is fairly big for Del as Colt has been a main eventer regularly. This was a comedy match and one I’m looking forward too, in the perfect spot.

Match 2: Sara Del Ray and Allison Danger defeat Jetta and Eden Black after a cradle DDT by Del Ray on Jetta

Match 3: BJ Whitmer defeats Jimmy Jacobs in a Falls Count Anywhere match with an Exploder on the ramp

This was a wild brawl all over the building with many big spots including a Jacobs cross body from the balcony. I can’t wait to see this.

Match 4: Matt Sydal beat Pac with a Shooting Star Press

An impressive spotfest that likely came off better live than it will on DVD.

Match 5: Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe went to a draw via double knockout

Intense and stiff brawl. The adjectives used to describe this are all along the lines of incredible and amazing.

Match 6: ROH Tag Titles: Naruki Doi and Shingo defeat Roderick Strong and Davey Richards when Doi hit a top rope face jam on Davey

A big stiff match with a very fast paced. Hopefully this lives up to the 4* quality of the other Dragon Gate-ROH encounters.

Match 7: Fight Without Honor: Nigel McGuiness defeats Jimmy Rave with a Lariat

Another match said to be great. Nigel hit a Tower of London on the guardrail before the big lariat. Jimmy has dominated this feud and is a big main event stud now. Nigel gets the big win to blow it off and retain heat. Perfect.

Match 8: Samoa Joe defeats Homicide with a top rope Muscle Buster

And with this, Samoa Joe is finished as a Ring of Honor regular.

NOAH 3/4 Budokan Hall Results

Match 1: Kentaro Shiga & Yoshinobu Kanemaru defeat Junji Izumida & Makoto Hashi when Shiga used a backslide on Hashi

Match 2: Tamon Honda, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Go Shiosaki beat Masao Inoue, Kishin Kawabata & Atsushi Aoki when Shiosaki used a vertical suplex-style Final Cut on Kawabata.

Match 3: Takeshi Rikio, Akitoshi Saito & Ricky Marvin beat Bison Smith, Chris Hero & Bobby Fish when Marvin used the Santa Maria on Fish

Chris Hero has been losing more than he has been wining on this tour, but he has got one win clean with his finish. He’s being spoken of little, not a particularly good sign.

Match 4: Yoshihiro Takayama & Takuma Sano beat Akira Taue & Naomichi Marufuji when Sano used a rolling savate kick to the face on Taue

Match 5: Mushiking Terry beat Rocky Romero

Romero looked great all tour, racking up wins, but couldn’t get the big singles win to finish it out. Still a very successful tour for one of the most underrated workers around.

Match 6: Doug Williams beat Yoshinari Ogawa with a crucifix hold

Ogawa is a former GHC World Champion and Williams has dominated all tour. This speaks incredibly well for the big gaijin and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him receive a shot at Morishima in April or May for the ROH Championship.

Match 7: Jun Akiyama beat Mohammed Yone with the Wrist-Clutch Exploder

Match 8: Mitsuharu Misawa beat Takashi Sugiura via referee stoppage

Match 9: ROH World Title: Takeshi Morishima (c) beat KENTA with a backdrop driver

Morishima beating KENTA is huge. Morishima beating KENTA in 9 minutes is even bigger news. It speaks incredibly well of the ROH and NOAH relationship that the Ring of Honor World Title match gets the main event slot over a Misawa singles match.

It looks like this was another huge weekend from Ring of Honor and these two DVDs are must buy with dream matches, closing feuds, and the farewell to Joe.

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