The News Dribble – The TNA edition

Could TNA overtake ECW?
Two weeks ago ECW had it’s lowest ever rating of a 1.3. This past week, TNA jumped to a 1.11, which is pretty darn close in my opinion. I’d expect to see some big announcement from TNA and not a word from the WWE. But I’d question how strong ECW could be as a #2 American promotion if the WWE does indeed go global.

Headline: Reality TV possibly saves marraige
Hulk Hogan’s marraige. According to Bubba the Love Sponge Hogan’s marraige is being held together by his reality show. The Torch uses the phrase “be over” with quotations and all. I’m too “good” of a “journaist” to use quotes like that though.

Who will sa-ee-aave your soul? has a piece up that chronicles what’s gone on between Sting and Abyss, which is an interesting read if you know Sting’s history. While they avoided the Reverend Slick/Kamala “You are a man, you are not an animal” angle, they’re fighting to avoid the angle being outwardly religious in nature. The tightrope to walk there is to avoid where WCW’s infamous Vampiro vs. Dale Torborg/the Demon angle was headed.

LAX vs. Team 3D continues also posted some comments from Devon about LAX’s attack of his trainer, Johnny Rodz. This is accompanied by the Alex Shely/LAX/Brother Ray/Kevin Nash encounter as a YouTube video.

Backstage at iMPACT
According to PWI, Sean Waltman, Shawn Stasiak and Alicia Webb were backstage at the last iMPACT tapings. You know who else was backstage? Christopher Daniels, even though he wasn’t used.

Angle and Rhino go where the balls are
As a way to pump promotions for the Lockdown PPV, Kurt Angle and Rhino were at the Cardinals’ batting practice at spring training. Eckstein gave out “
“Team Eckstein” shirts to the Cardinals as a gift. Angle spoke to the press afterwards.

Eckstein: Here dude, here’s a shirt that proclaims that you’re on Team Eckstein!

Player: Thanks. I thought I was on the Cardinals.

Eckstein: Welcome to the team!

Maybe Bruno will accept membership to this one
Someone opened up a Wrestling Hall of Fame in S. Louis.

The Gooker comes to TNA
Hector will never live that down, even once he’s joined TNA. Of course me mentioning that doesn’t help.

Cristy Hemme writes TNA column, makes insightful comments on the state of wrestling
Psych! Just kidding. She writes as well as she wrestles.

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