5oz of Fury: UFC 68 Fallout

Not bad for an “old man” indeed.

There were no major injuries coming out of last nights UFC 68: The Uprising that I am aware of. However there were a number of developments in the title hunt for the different weight classes.

Sherdog.com interviewed Randy Couture after his HUGE victory last night, and as surprising as this may sound, they asked him about facing Cro Cop. He said he’s “absolutely” looking forward to fight him (or Gabriel Gonzaga, but let’s be serious here) and the possibly of fighting Cro Cop was one of the reasons he decided to come out of retirement. The fight will probably be taking place this summer, and if I were a betting man I’d bet it would probably be August. The May 21st show wouldn’t be enough time for the two fighters to sufficiently train, and the July 7th show is rumoured to already have two other title matches on it (Silva/Marquardt and Sherk/Franca).

Immediately after Rich Franklin’s dominant defeat of Jason MacDonald, he announced that as per the boss, he’d probably get his rematch against Anderson Silva in his hometown of Cincinnati, when the UFC makes their return to the Midwest. With Silva rumoured to be defending the belt against Nate Marquardt in July, I can’t see a Silva/Franklin rematch any earlier than the fall. That would also give Franklin time to get another match in.

Matt Hughes sat down with UFC.com after his fight, and they asked him when he was expecting his rematch against Georges St. Pierre. Hughes wasn’t sure because GSP has Serra and (probably) Diego Sanchez coming up next. The one thing he did say was that he had no plans to sit back and wait for his title shot. If GSP is going to be fighting, he’s going to be fighting too and told the UFC to keep booking him up until the title shot.

Another thing to keep in mind about Hughes, he’s been telling people he’s toying with the idea of going up to middleweight. He wants to be the first person to hold titles in two different weight classes at the same time.