Richly Deserved: The Apprentice: Los Angeles Episode 6-7

Previously. Aimee wondered around assigning tasks at whoever was in her sight, and two if he/she was in her sight twice. Aimee wondered around a mall, not concerned about the language of the people shopping there but very offended by a blow-up octopus. Aimee was fired, and we still wonder if she now sees why? After reading the interview with Roxanne, I have my doubts.

We’re sending Aimee to East L.A. for some Spanish lessions. Our teams are now …
Kinetic: Heidi, Derek, Angela, Muna, Jenn, Kristine.
Arrow: Frank, James, Stefani, Tim, Surya, Nicole

At Kinetic, Derek was freaked out by Aimee’s death stare. Jenn steps up to be project manager and Derek vows to gun for her, win or lose. At Arrow, Frank, Tim, and James plan a coup against Surya.

With Randall making his first appearance as assistant, the teams are sent to design an owner experience for the Lexus LS 460 (Hopefully no bad comedians this time, right Apprentice Jim?) Whoever scored higher in preferred customer satisfaction wins.

Kinetic comes with the theme, “Sixth sense of luxury” but no one had a real plan. Derek suggest go karts and sure enough, with no other ideas (especially from Angela, in charge of marketing), they go with it.
Heidi and Muna were very detailed in learning about the car. Derek and Angela however spend too much time on the signage and only end up getting half of the signage they ordered.

At Arrow, Surya writes some stuff on a board. Frank and James ignore him and go start working on the event. As expected, Tim and Nicole work together (say it with me … awwwwwww) on product knowledge. With everyone still in the mansion, Frank and Stefani leave early to get a jump on the presentation. Stefani is impressing me more and more every week.

Arrow’s presentation had a small slip, the battery died on one of the cars, but their event was all luxury complete with nice buffet and floral arrangements. James singlehandedly set up a test course and it went great.

Kinetic was not so good. Jenn fumbled her presentation because there was glare on one of the monitors she was to be speaking off. People had fun with the go karts and there was an illusionist as well but go karts and Lexus just do not mix.

Arrow 94% customer approval. Kinetic, 84%. Have a celebratory kiss on me, Tim and Nicole.

Time at the recording studio with Snoop Dogg. Surya was pumped to meet Snoop Dogg but inexplicably stood in the background and didn’t get into the occasion. Frank and James on the other hand rapped the night away. The team produced a passable song and had a great time.

Muna and Derek had their guns clearly pointing in Jenn’s direction.

Before the boardroom, the Lexus executives complimented Heidi and Muna (Muna to be enshrined soon as the 80th member of the Reality TV Honor Roll, by the way).

Kinetic enters the boardroom and immediately, the theme and signage were targeted. The go karts were determined to be Derek’s idea.

Derek decides some self-depreciating humor was in order. He told Trump “I’m what you’d call ‘white trash’, a guy who eats in restaurants with deep-fried appetizers.” Trump totally freaks out at him. Derek insists he was joking but Trump apparently doesn’t like the term ‘white trash’, or he wouldn’t have fired Derek. Yup. If you’re going to work for Trump, do not use the term, ‘white trash’.

But wait. Trump still has to fire someone responsible for the loss. Muna and Heidi blame Jenn as does Kristine. Jenn blames Angela and our Olympian is questioned by Randall about the signage problem. Angela deflects to the fact she didn’t like the go karts. At one point Angela tried to ask Surya a question but instead Surya started interrogating Jenn.

Trump in the end said that Jenn’s team didn’t respect her. Jenn asked Trump to hold up and said. “Before you fire me, let me just ask my team, Do you respect me?” After getting a unanimous yes, Jenn is fired. But Trump expressed displeasure with Angela as they are leaving (Angela is just two firings away from meeting the performance clause that will land her on the honor roll so she better not blow it).

No death stare from Jenn, the five remaining ladies join together in a group hug before Jenn is whisked away. (say it with me … awwwwww).

Till next week.

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