Bam Bam Autopsy Results, Foley’s Return to TV, Diva News & More

According to, the results of former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Bam Bam Bigelow’s autopsy showed that his death was “due to multiple drugs in his system, cocaine and benzodiazetine (an anti-anxiety drug) at lethal levels.” Bigelow was also suffering from heart disease.

In other news:

– There’s a story on Mick Foley and his new book at WWE has announced that Mick will be at the April 2 and 3 TV tapings following Mania.

– Speaking of Mania, cable industry magazine Multichannel News talks about how WWE is marketing this year’s big event.

– Terry Funk and Test have been removed from’s Superstars page. Test was recently released, and Funk hasn’t appeared with ECW since last year’s One Night Stand PPV.

– Matt Hardy has posted a blog entry telling a drinking story about himself, Jeff and Lita from a few years ago, and saying this about his Money in the Bank qualifying win: “Wrestlemania, Money in the Bank–here I come! Friday was an amazing day for me–something I’ve been waiting on for a long time finally happened. It was extremely rewarding to know my patience and perseverance paid off. Thanks for hanging in there with me A, it wouldn’t have happened without you.”

– has announced that the Hall of Fame tickets sold out quickly.

– There’s a story on Jimmy Wang Yang over at

– In the cover story of Men’s Fitness on Chuck Liddell, the UFC Light Heavyweight Champ says he’s been drinking with Shane McMahon, and that “that guy can drink like no one else I’ve met.” In other WWE/UFC news, World Heavyweight Champion Dave Batista was seen on camera during last night’s UFC PPV.

– Ashley’s in today’s NY Daily News, promoting her Playboy cover.

– Maria talks about pick-up lines on’s Sex-U.

– Chris Jericho has added upcoming tour dates to his Web site.

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