Random Reality – King of Cars – Early Season Two Review

King of Cars is back for its second season on A&E. A&E has recently made a name for itself as having “quality” original reality TV shows. At the very least, they are interesting reality shows. Besides King of Cars, they also have Dog the Bounty Hunter, Inked, Criss Angel: Mindfreak and new hits shows Driving Force and Gene simmons’ Family Jewels. All are unique and different, which make them a “success”.

King of Cars is about a real car dealership in Las Vegas called “Towbin Dodge”. Towbin Dodge is run by a guy named “Chop”. He is a hip-hop mogul with his rap group called “Tru Cents”. His real expertise is cars, though. He has his own collection of “hip-hop, tricked out” cars. Yes, some cars even bounce up and down on hydraulics. He has gained a cult following in Las Vegas due to his wacky commercial for his car dealership called “The Chopper Show”.

Besides the premise of working at a car dealership, the reason this show works and is a success is because of the personalities involved. Chop is unique himself, but he hires unique characters to sell his cars as well. Of course, they actually DO sell cars there. I feel the reason why they are a successful car dealership is the fun atmosphere. So it was only a matter of time before they filmed a reality TV show around that.

I’ve only seen about three episodes of this new season so far, but I will briefly comment on what I have seen so far. The first episode I watched was Episode 2-19 called “Ugly Truckling”. Chop gathers up all of his custom cars and has a photo shoot with DUB Magazine, which is a popular “hip-hop car” magazine. Meanwhile, the highlight of this episode is the “Ugly Truckling contest. Chop advertises on TV a contest to bring in the most ugly trucks in the area. The person that has the ugliest truck gets $1,000. Of course, this is a car dealership, so anything they do is meant to sell cars and get business. Once the people bring their ugly trucks to Towbin Dodge, Chop tries to get two of his salesmen, Auto Marshall and Big Thunder, to trade in their ugly cars for some new stylish ones. It was interesting to see Chop’s own collection of cars and the ugly trucks, and van, that everyone brought into the dealership.

The next episode I saw was 2-21 called “Hoop Dreamz”. In this episode, Chop promotes team leader, Tino, to a new position. That leaves a spot open for a salesteam leader. Who will get that promotion and major pay raise? There is only way to decide that. He picks Gabe, a former streetfighter, and Andy, a by-the-book salesman, to face each other in “sell off”. But when things get too close to call, he decides to take the competition to the basketball court. Whoever wins a 1-on-1 game will become the new team leader. That is certainly an unique way to promote someone, but of course, that’s the “Chopper way”.

The last episode that I have watched so far this season was 2-14 called “Woman Drivers”. We get the introduction of two new salespeople to Chopper’s team. They happen to be two women. One is named Sunny, who is extremely small but is like a firecracker. The other is Christina and she quickly becomes friends with Sunny. Chop doesn’t like that as he thinks their friendship would dull their competitive edge and not sell as many cars as a result. So we forces them to compete against each other. Chop decides to give one of them an expensive designer purse to the woman that sells the most cars. They each get a partner. Christina teams up with “The Blue Genie”, while Sunny is joined by the “Golden Spaghetti”. In the end, though, the girls remain friends and get the last laugh on Chop.

So far this season looks just as interesting as last season. Chop introduces us to some new characters, while keeping around the most memorable people from last season. There are women, blue genies, and cowboys all selling cars to name a few. In addition to that, Chop is always coming up with fresh and unique ideas to keep business booming. But even if you don’t like watching all of the crazy characters and antics, you can still actually learn something from this show. This show actually takes you inside the world of selling cars. It’s just as interesting to watch customers try to bargain their way into a new car as it is to watch the crazy characters selling them those cars.

– You can catch all new episodes of King of Cars on A&E on Tuesday nights at 11:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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