RAW Preview for March 5, 2007


From WWE.com:

Preview:One month until ‘Mania
March 5, 2007

The road to WrestleMania takes another turn when Raw rolls into Phoenix on Monday night.

Last week, Donald Trump chose ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley as his representative for WrestleMania 23. Lashley will face Mr. McMahon’s representative, Intercontinental Champion Umaga. Moments after the announcement was made, the two champions locked up in the ring, sparking a vicious brawl that was nearly uncontainable. With WrestleMania still a month away, will these two powerful Superstars clash again before they reach Detroit?

Mr. McMahon also announced on SmackDown that on Raw, the WWE Board of Directors will name a special guest referee for the Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania. Who will the Board choose to put in the middle of Lashley and Umaga on April 1?

Last week, World Tag Team Champions John Cena & Shawn Michaels defeated Rated-RKO to retain the titles. Monday night, the two teams will be in one-on-one action against each other, as WWE Champion Cena will face Edge and Michaels will square off with Randy Orton. Will the World Tag Team Champions continue their mastery of Edge & Orton, or will Rated-RKO individually one-up The Champ & HBK?

It was also revealed last week that Mickie James’ contract guarantees her a Women’s Championship rematch against Melina and allows her to choose the stipulation. Mickie has chosen a Falls Count Anywhere Match, and will face Melina for the gold Monday night. Will she be able to recapture the title?

Find out live Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

We’ll have full coverage of RAW — LIVE as it happens — tonight, as well as a look at the show after it airs, so stick around Pulse Wrestling for much more…

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