Green Lantern #17 Review

Story Title: Wanted: Hal Jordan Chapter Four
Reviewed by: Mathan “Undercover Brother” Erhardt

Written by: Geoff Johns
Penciled by: Ivan Reis
Inked by: Oclair Albert & Ivan Reis
Colored by: Moos Baumann
Lettered by: Rob Leigh
Editor: Peter Tomasi
Publisher: DC Comics

The issue begins by neatly cleaning up the issue of the brainwashed new Global Guardians, while nicely segueing into the Sinestro Corps’ first attempt at recruiting a member from Earth.

From there we see Hal powerless before Amon Sur (his predecessor’s son) while Amon explains how he survived his apparent death and how his fixation was born. He then demands that Hal take him to his father’s grave.

Hal does and Amon has a quality moment with Abin Sur’s corpse. Then Hal plays chicken with Amon and pushes the villain over the edge. Thankfully John Stewart, fresh from forgotten character limbo, arrives to save the day. Amon and Hal engage in fisticuffs, but before Hal can seal the deal Amon’s destiny finds him, beginning a new chapter for the character.

Hal reflects on his predecessor visits an old friend and finds his secret identity compromised. However the issue ends with a familiar foe from Hal’s past hot on his trail.

Johns crafts a pretty decent issue this time out. Some things, like the Global Guardians, seems pushed to the side too fast, but Amon’s motivation and explanation for not being dead both work remarkably well. While I personally find the explanation for Stewart’s absence to be a copout, his appearance is a welcome one. The Sinestro Corps scenes are both pretty cool, as are the moments between Hal and Amon. All in all, it’s a solid read.

With his work on this title Reis has become an artist that I’ve grown very fond of. His work suits this title much better than his work on previous books. Seeing the Sinestro Corps ring force itself on candidates really showcases Reis’ work to the fullest. He also does a great job of showing Amon’s rage, which practically jumps off of the page (as does is elation later in the issue.) Reis even manages to make J’onn’s new look interesting. Speaking of jumping off the page, the colors on this issue are spectacular.