TMNT Sequel Already Being Planned?

Credit: FirstShowing

The return of the ninja fighting turtles made possible by a can of radioactive slime to the big screen doesn’t come until March 23, but that doesn’t mean we can’t already discuss a sequel.

At Wondercon in San Francisco this weekend, TMNT director Kevin Munroe discussed the possibility of sequels already in the works. One of these sequels could also include the turtles arch-nemesis Shredder.

Munroe said, “Yea, it’d nice, it’d be really cool. As a fan I’d love that. Because we now have these sort of better Shredder stories of how to bring Shredder back.”

TMNT showcases on the return of the turtles and their master Splinter as they try to save New York from the evil villain Karai and her army of mythological creatures.

The next bit of information may be considered a spoiler although I really don’t think it is. But it provides some information regarding whether there could be a sequel or not but doesn’t really provide anything from the film itself. None the less, read on at your own discretion.

When asked about if sequels would be possible, Munroe replied, “Yea, a sequel big time. It’s a very not-so-subtle nod at the end. I’d love it to happen; I wish it was my decision. I do have a deal to do a second one; we’ll just wait and see if it happens. I think it’s going to depend, it’s just all box office at this point.”