AndyWeek Part Two: Combichrist, the Discography

Day two of Beyond the Threshold’s look at the artist known as Combichrist exists to enlighten and educate those in the dark. Who is Combichrist? Fantastic! But what about the music?

Joy of Gunz
Release date: September 1, 2003
Label: Out of Line

01. Intruder Alert
02. Joy To The World
03. You Will Be The Bitch Now
04. Winteryear
05. Play Dead
06. Turmoil
07. Master Control
08. Water Unser
09. The Line To The Dead
10. Bulletf*ck
11. Human Error
12. God Wrapped In Plastic
13. History Of Madness
14. Shrunken Heads For All Occassions

Right out of the gate, Icon of Coil’s Andy LaPlegua defines that his Combichrist project is quite distinct from his previous work. This time, it’s straight down the “dark and evil” corridor, shredding everything in sight with razorblades and leaving no survivors. There’s an element of humor in its attack, but the focus is completely on the beats. Industrial in its vision, classic synthlines appear alongside distorted beats to create a hybrid with crossover appeal. It’s a bit rough, but enough to make an impact.

Sex, Drogen & Industrial [EP]
Release date: October 25, 2004
Label: Out of Line

01. Blut Royale
02. Tractor
03. Anatomy
04. Sex, Drogen und Industrial (Low Tech)
05. Sex, Drogen und Industrial (Soman Remix)
06. Vater Unser (Combicritters Remix)
07. Like To Thank My Buddies (LiveAt Infest)

Switching gears slightly from Joy of Gunz, the industrialism tones down a bit in search of a complete takeover of every dancefloor. Both “Blut Royale” and “Tractor” are infectious, breathing new life into the Combichrist brand and raising the anticipation of those who enjoyed the first album.

Everybody Hates You
Release date: March 8, 2005
Label: Metropolis

01. This Shit Will Fcuk You Up
02. Enjoy The Abuse
03. Today I Woke To The Rain Of Blood
04. I’m Happy Anyway
05. Blut Royale
06. Who’s Your Daddy, Snakegirl?
07. Feed Your Anger
08. God Bless
09. Like To Thank My Buddies
10. Happy Fcuking Birthday
11. This Is My Rifle
12. Lying Sack Of Shit
13. Without Emotions

Sample-heavy, definitively evil, and insanely danceable, Combichrist’s second full-length release combines kitchy fun (rattling off the names of serial killers in “God Bless” and carnival barking in “Who’s Your Daddy, Snakegirl?”) with ridiculously over-the-top vicious lyrics. As silly as it sometimes gets, it’s clearly tongue-in-cheek and aimed primarily to set a mood and get asses onto the dance floor. The dark “techno body music” does best at setting a tone and carrying a mood, as its distorted synths combined with catchy basslines demonstrate.

Get Your Body Beat [EP]
Release date: June 6, 2006
Label: Metropolis

01. Get Your Body Beat [Album Version]
02. Products [Life Composer Version]
03. What the Fcuk
04. Get Your Body Beat [Käpt’n K Mix] by KMFDM
05. Get Your Body Beat [Rotten Blood Remix] by Amduscia
06. Get Your Body Beat [Remix] by Spetsnaz
07. Get Your Body Beat [Shooting Up Remix] by Point45
08. Get Your Body Beat [Tortured Remix] by Manufactura
09. Get Your Body Beat [Remix] by Sergio Mez
10. DNA AM

Nearly an hour long and full of tease for the next album, Get Your Body Beat exists mostly to hold over fans bloodthirsty for a new release.

What the Fuck Is Wrong with You People
Release date: March 6, 2007
Label: Metropolis

01. Five AM Afterparty
02. What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
03. Electrohead
04. Adult Content
05. Fuck That Shit
06. Brain Bypass
07. Get Your Body Beat
08. Deathbed
09. In The Pit
10. Shut Up And Swallow
11. Red
12. Are You Connected
13. Give Head If You Got It
14. All Your Bass Belongs To Us

…a review? A summary? Stay tuned to Beyond the Threshold’s week-long Combichrist feature for the low-down, or go out and snag the disc yourself.

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