TV Babies: Prison Break – Episode 2-19


I’m almost over it. Much like with 24 a few years back, I’m considering retiring Prison Break. Oh, I’ll see it through the final three episodes – I owe them that much. But for the second consecutive week, multiple storylines remain unresolved. And it’s not adding to the drama, just trying my patience…

So C-Note survives his own hanging, and I kind of saw that coming. Not that I wish he was dead, but Prison Break has a major problem letting characters go. Thus, yet another tied-up storyline un-tied.

Then we have Bellick (complete dead-weight: why is he still around?) arriving in Mexico to round up Sucre. T-Bag spots him at the airport, inexplicably freaks out, gets in a tussle with airport security and is now on the run sans his $5-million. Here’s a thought, T-Bag: Wait a few minutes for Bellick to leave. Your bag doesn’t disappear after one go-around.

Bellick tracks down Sucre, informs him of Haywire’s demise (why would Sucre care?), and prepares to take him into custody for his $100,000 payday. Sucre mentions a much bigger payday back at the airport (which Maricruz was rightly concerned about when they saw it on the news). Terrific. Next week promises a ridiculously cartoonish scene with all three of them.

Michael, Lincoln and Sara part ways: leaving the hotel and planning a rendevous. Predictably again, it’s Sara who Mahone catches before she can exit. They proceed with some sort of drug intervention program, and Sara eventually escapes.

Michael’s plan is to let the President know they have the tape. And what does the tape tell us? That the President and her brother had some sort of incestuous relationship. Shocking? Not really. Absurd and gross? Definitely…

The only twist that was interesting at all was the President promising Michael a pardon for he and his brother, then turning around and resigning. No doubt, in part, due to pressure from the mysterious group Kim works for. The bigger question: how does this sway Kellerman’s frayed emotions?

Three episodes to go: most likely the final three for me. At least I’ll always have Fox River…

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