Sevendust – Alpha Review

For a band that’s been around for a decade now, Sevendust has certainly managed to remain consistent from a quality standpoint. After finding a solid balance with the album Seasons, Sevendust has maintained that balance across their last release, Next, and into their most recent effort, Alpha. It seems Sevendust has found a formula that works for them, and the result is another solid recording.

A large part of what makes Alpha work as an album, and indeed what drives Sevendust as a whole, is the incredibly solid vocal work of Lajon Witherspoon. Songs like “Clueless”, “Under” and “Driven” show off his range (and also highlight backup vocalist Morgan Rose well), and a large part of what makes Sevendust what it is easily falls to him. Kudos also to John Connolly’s guitar work, which contributes greatly to Sevendust’s unique sound; each and every track can easily be identified as a Sevendust song within the first few seconds, something a lot of bands can’t claim.

But familiarity breeds contempt, and that’s the major complaint with Alpha; it sounds exactly like the two albums before it. There’s a little programming here and there (“Agression”, for example), but beyond that, Alpha sounds more or less identical to Next and Seasons. Sevendust’s sound has stagnated somewhat, and even though it’s still good, there’s no growth or progression, and no hint that there will be in future efforts.

That said, if you’re a fan of Sevendust, or of harder rock/metal in general, Alpha is a strong, solid album that you’ll definitely want to pick up. There’s no real progression from previous Sevendust efforts, but honestly, it’s really good even so, and that’s really the important thing. Alpha is well worth your cash, and won’t disappoint.

Website: Sevendust