Update on Kurt Angle/Steroids Story


As originally reported earlier today by Jeremy Botter, Sports Illustrated included Kurt Angle in a story about the steroid sting on a Florida wellness center. Here are some additional details, based on a recent story by WrestlingObserver.com’s Dave Meltzer:

  • TNA’s as officially not commented at this time.
  • Kurt worked with WWE during the time period stated in the article, and at that time WWE was not yet testing for steroids.
  • Kurt failed a steroid test for nandralone (decadurabolin) prior to his 2006 release from WWE. Unlike drug rules for most professional sports and the Olympics, WWE’s Wellness Policy allows for steroid usage for medical reasons. However, his test results led to him being suspended for 30 days because the time frame on the prescription had expired.
  • Using the drugs in question may not have been illegal, since Angle would have been using them with a prescription, with the rationale being he needed them to rehabilitate from injuries. That being said, as the SI article stated, the drug distributers are those being targeted by this investigation, not the alleged users.

Pulse Wrestling has requested comments from both WWE and TNA, and will post any statements we receive.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.