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– David Young, Elix Skipper and A-1 were told about the decision to let them go several months back. The plan was to bring them back at some point but that will no longer be the case. This may be an indication of how much power Vince Russo really has with the company, since he has always been a big fan of Skipper in the past. A-1 is expected to go to OVW and try to get a WWE deal.

– Hector Guerrero will be wrestling and getting into angles soon. TNA wanted to involve Eddie Guerrero’s name in an angle but Konnan refused to do anything other than make a passing reference to him.

– Most of the comedy on the shows comes drom Dutch Mantel, who handles the Eric Young and Kevin Nash material, as well as the Abyss storyline, while Russo’s main projects are Ron Killings, VKM and Christy Hemme. A lot of the X Division guys are unhappy with Mantel about the Nash segments, feeling they benefit nobody but Nash. Mantel feels they should get more comedy onto the show and, at the moment, there is nobody on the booking committee who is a big proponent of the X Division.

– David Eckstein is donating whatever money he makes from TNA to charity. He is getting along well with people backstage but people don’t really think he’s good on TV. The feeling is that A.J. Pierzynski is good on the show but he has a ‘big star attitude’ that rubs people the wrong way. Pierzynski also got really mad at Don West after West made some negative remarks about his character on colour commentary.

– Kurt Angle is trying to get Paul Wight to join. He wouldn’t be able to use the names Big Show or The Giant as WWE owns both intellectual properties. Wight is hanging back and waiting to see what Hulk Hogan does next as where Hogan goes, he’ll go too. He has been training hard recently and lost about 50 pounds, putting him at about 460.

– LAX and Team 3-D will have a Ghetto Brawl at Destination X. This means there will be Italians and Latinos at ringside like in a Lumberjack Match. They will then build towards an Electrified Cage Match at Lockdown.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)